10 Essential Ways to Save Money

10 Essential Ways to Save MoneyMost people think saving is an old man’s game. Saving helps you manage your finances on a rainy day. Below are the top easy essential ways to start saving.

Eat Well For Less

Eating out in restaurants is exciting since one gets to try out different types of food, but it can be expensive.

When trying to save money, one should try cooking instead.

Visit your nearest market and buy fresh vegetables to cook your decent meal. Prepare simple meals to last throughout the week.

Save Money On Entertainment and shopping

Life without entertainment is boring, and at the same time, entertainment costs can be overwhelming sometimes.

Entertainment costs can be cut by buying theatre tickets early instead of doing last minute, using early discount deals to get offers on events.

Attend more city festivals because they are free and come with a lot of memorable experiences.

Do your shopping in stores that offer promo codes, for example the https://www.mamma.com/uk/tkmaxx.com. Many of these stores have fantastic offers of almost 60% off on all items.

Save More Than You Spend

The best way to save money is by spending less and saving more. Come up with a list of all your monthly expenses, cut down the unnecessary expenses like a junk food treat every evening. Make sure you do not go over your budget per month. This will help you save more while spending less.

Avoid Debts

Debts are good and at the same time unhealthy. Good debts are those taken in the right course of buying a house.

Do not take debts for entertainment purposes. You can do without those leisure’s after all they only last for a day. Also, do not take up a debt to pay another.

You will end up borrowing from A to pay C. Lastly, when in debts, come up with a good payment schedule to avoid due dates which can be embarrassing sometimes.

Reasonable Saving Goals

Always have a set goal when saving. Come up with achievable goals; do not push yourself with unrealistic goals. Work against your budget. Goals might be long term or short term. One person may be saving up to buy a fridge while another is saving to purchase a car or a house.

All these saving goals need a lot of discipline and proper planning.

Have a Kitty

Having a kitty will encourage you to save your coins instead of buying candy with them. You would be surprised by how much you will have saved in a year.

Set Time Frames For Your Goals

Setting a realistic time frame for achieving your goals is the perfect driving force towards saving money. One can set a goal of opening their business in a year’s’ time. These time frames will push you to save more to accomplish your goals.


Budgeting is a good way to account for every coin. Write down all your expenses every month. Remember a budget should be flexible to accommodate changes.

Get Health Insurance

They say the best investment is your health. Get yourself a good and affordable insurance cover. Sometimes accidents and diseases stick when they are least expected. Having an insurance policy will help you cut down hospital bills, and this will help you save money in the long run.

Cut on Transportation costs

Reduce your transportation costs by either walking or riding a bicycle if your destination is not far. This can also be a good form of keeping fit. When trying to save, do not go for cars that consume a lot of fuel. Instead, choose a car with low fuel consumption to save more and spend less on fuel.

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  • January 22, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Great advice! The only things that puzzles me is the kitty, I usually associate pets with spending money (on food, check-ups at the vet and the likes), so this is definitely a new & fresh perspective on saving money 🙂

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