10 Places You Don’t Want to Miss in Tavira

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Tavira is an amazing place that every traveler who is spending a holiday in Portugal should visit. It is a really great vacation destination since there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is very popular for its pristine white sand beaches but it is likewise so rich in culture and history that it has countless historical spots that every tourist should visit.

A person going on a Tavira holiday may find himself confused with all of the awesome places that you can visit in this amazing place. If you are experiencing such a predicament or if you want to avoid it altogether, here is a list of the 10 best places that you should definitely not miss in Tavira.

10. The Rooftop Terraces and Gardens in Tavira


There was a time in the past when urban space was not readily available for people to construct on and the solution that the they came up with was use their rooftops instead. This has lead to the amazing rooftop terraces and gardens that you can find in the city. Be sure to take an afternoon touring these nice spots and you can even choose to have a quiet dinner while enjoying the view at some of the rooftop terraces in the city.

9. The Seven Arched Bridge


One of Tavira’s most distinctive landmarks is the Seven Arched Bridge. It is surely one of the places that you must go to whenever you are in the city. It is a very old structure which has withstood the test of time and even the strong earthquake which rocked the region in the past. Take a walk across the bridge and enjoy some of the great restaurants and shops that you can find nearby.

8. Sao Sebastiao Chapel


If you are interested in churches or historical spots, visiting Sao Sebastiao Chapel should definitely be in your Tavira to-do list. Located just a short distance from the river, this small chapel is a really nice place to visit to see the nice structure as well as some nice paintings that you can find inside. The church was affected by the huge earthquake which devastated the coastal regions of Portugal in 1755 but it has been rebuilt beautifully and is one of the city’s popular tourist destinations.

7. Misericordia Church


Another church which is definitely a place that you should visit is the Misericordia Church. This 16th century structure has been praised as having beautiful architecture which is distinctive of the Renaissance period in Europe. The facade of this beautiful church was done by a very famous master-mason, André Pilarte. It is one of the oldest churches in Tavira and is also one of the most beautiful which certainly warrants it as a must-see site during your Tavira holiday.

6. Church of Santiago


The third, but certainly not the last, church on this list is the Church of Santiago which is just a stone’s throw from another church to be found later in this list, the Church of Santa Maria do Castelo. The Church of Santiago is a very old church, it being built in the 13th century. It has a beautiful altar and some nice paintings that you can view inside which is definitely a must-see in addition to the architecture of this historic landmark.

5. Tavira Island

Beach lovers should definitely take a visit to Tavira Island which is just a short ferry boat ride from the mainland. The island is popular for having some of the best stretches of beaches in the Algarve region. Spending a day in Tavira Island just laying in the sun and enjoying the water will surely make the visit worth your while.

4. The Republic Square


The center of Tavira is another spot that you should go to whenever you are in the city. It is a wide, open space that is the place where the market in the city used to be located. You can find a historical monument which is the Monument to the Dead at its center as a tribute to all of the soldiers who perished during World War I. Rich in history and a nice and quiet place to take a stroll makes Republic Square a very popular tourist destination.

3. Church of Santa Maria do Castelo


The last church on this list is the Church of Santa Maria do Castelo. This 13th century structure is found just in front of the Church of Santiago and has a museum where the visitors can visit. You can find inside the church the tomb of Dom Paio Peres Correia who helped win the city back from the Moors in the 13th century.

2. The Roman Bridge


This old bridge is another distinctive landmark in Tavira. It is now closed off to vehicles but can be crossed on foot by tourists. It was initially though to have been built in the 3rd Century but it has been found to be built more closely to the 17th century. Regardless of when it was actually built, the Roman Bridge is still a nice spot to visit, take some pictures, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Giao River.

1. Tavira Castle


Probably the most notable historical landmark in Tavira is the Tavira Castle. It was built around the 13th century by King Dennis and has experienced several rebuilding efforts over the years due in part to the 1755 earthquake which largely affected the castle. It is now one of the top places to go to in Tavira and certainly will complete your Tavira holiday.

The place also boasts a variety of leisure and outdoor activities aside from its magnificent historical landmarks. From shopping to Tavira beach bumming. Bird watching to island camping. Golf, tennis, watersports and so much more! The place has a vast selection of activities fit for every individual who would like to spend a holiday in Tavira.

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