2012’s eve


New year’s eve is coming up next.Every first day of every year we make plans for the next 365 days and say there’s time to do them all. There isn’t. Look, another year passed by us already.

They say the end of the world is coming, I say there’s a new set of 365 days to try and make other plans. Another year in which to set some goals more or less demanding.

In 2011 I managed to reach some of mine.

First, I managed to get my own car. It was a must and also something I wanted for a long time: my very own set of car keys.
I got to see my family a lot, comparing to the past years. Living in another country is difficult when you feel the need to have a simple coffee with your sister or chat face to face with your mom and dad. It wasn’t a goal I intentionally set, but more like a wish and I’m glad it came true.
No more banks. This year every loan my boyfriend an I had got payed to the last cent. We are finally  “free”.

I think all in all 2011 was one of the good years in my 25 up until now.

For 2012 my main goals are to save up more  money, pass as many exams as I can in school and maybe, just maybe, start going to the gym again.

2012 I’m off to bake a simple new year’s cake now. Another important wish of mine is to spend the holidays in the company of family and loved ones. This year Santa only brought me a part of my family and so with the other part at home we will hug only virtually and wish them a Happy New Year, as I wish to all of you readers.

Happy New Year to all, let’s try and make the best of it 🙂



  1. Being DEBT FREE is an amazing accomplishment. I am so happy for you, it’s just great. You really achieved a lot in 2011 and I know this fuels to for the next 12 months. I hope we’ll be able to meet again in person, since we’re both in different countries. Anyway, I wish you a great 2012 and hope in a year’s time you’ll ‘brag’ with good things again 🙂


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