6 reasons why you should start losing weight NOW

02-01-2012 | Dojo |

A lot of people I know struggle with weight. Some are heavier each year, while others have stopped gaining weight. The problem is they don’t seem to get rid of it either. Few extra pounds might not do a lot of damage, but  being overweight or obese will affect your life and health more and more each day. Since losing weight is NOT easy, we’d like to present you with some reasons why you should take the plunge and change your life:

1. You are NOT healthy

A heart that’s beating harder because of all the fat surrounding it, is not a healthy heart. And we’d like the old ticker to actually work for as much as possible. The liver is suffering, even the legs have to deal with so much more than what they were used to. Back pains anyone? Your body is already struggling and your health declining. We are prone to various illnesses throughout our entire life, but obesity DOES MAKE IT EASIER TO GET SERIOUSLY ILL.

2. You do NOT look good

We are so self-conscious about a lot of things that have to do with our appearance. Yes, media is guilty for promoting an unrealistic view of the healthy human (women especially), skinny models and an extensive use of that wonderful software called Photoshop make our expectations lose any logic. With this I agree. A skinny starving person IS NOT HEALTHY, nor is it actually beautiful. Yes, a woman is sexier when she has beautiful breasts and some meat on her. But there is a limit to this.

While a few extra pounds might give you that hot look everyone will admire you for, gaining too much weight will do the opposite.

3. It costs you more and more

Bad health comes at a pretty steep price. Chronic illnesses, medication, all those doctor bills make your weight problem cost you a lot. While a good insurance can solve a lot of headaches, we all know you’re paying through the nose for everything. Having a better health after losing some of the extra weight can REVERSE some of the symptoms or at least give you a better chance to be healthier. And this will save you more money.

4. You are tired all the time

Our sedentary lifestyles have caused us to lose a lot of the energy we once had. Our bodies show less stamina and resistance to effort, we get tired a lot easier and cannot enjoy some fun activities like other people can. Losing some of the extra pounds will give you that boost you need. Everything will seem easier and your body will gain its long lost strength.

5. You are NOT happy

Being sick, carrying too much weight, having bigger health expenses and being so tired are not bound to make you happy. And things get worse as you’re going down this spiral. Small victories will surely lift your spirits, but you need to make that change.

6. Your kids are following in your footsteps

This is the biggest reason you should start losing weight. Maybe it should be no.1 in our list. Not taking care of our own weight/health is setting an example for our children. We are their model, we are their heroes. If their parents cannot seem to win their battle against those extra pounds, kids will have a harder time doing this for themselves. The ever increasing number of obese children show us we need to take action NOW, before it’s too late.

Here are the most important reasons we could think of when it comes to losing weight. Of course, each of our visitors/members have their own. We’d like to know why would you like to lose weight. What’s the most important reason for you?

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