Abu Dhabi- An alluring destination of Arab world

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Abu Dhabi is the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates is among the most alluring destinations in the world.

It is the one place on earth that encompasses everything from ancient to modern, amazing to adventurous and from magnificent to mysterious.

Whether you are making your first trip to Abu Dhabi or on a return visit you will surely discover a destination that is always changing and offers you a genuine feel of authentic Arabian world, a society that is deeply rooted in Islamic traditions, hospitality par excellence, a great combination of international influences and a strong commitment to local heritage etc creating an intriguing mix of old and new.

Undoubtedly Abu Dhabi is a genuine leisure haven and a holiday trip there will surely convince you to return again and again.


Sea side promenade – The Corniche

The sea side promenade of Abu Dhabi deserves a special mention. Its beauty is stunning and it is the place where residents come out to play despite different climatic conditions.

From early morning till night the whole atmosphere is alive, full of fun and excitement. Enjoy jogging, strolling, picnicking, capturing photographs, cycling, and walking some of the rejuvenating activities that you can do here. Put some sunscreen to avoid the harshness of sun and bring coins for water, cold drinks and even ice creams that you can buy from the vending machines on route.

Amusement at- Hili Fun City

This flagship family entertainment destination in Al Ain is Gulf’s first theme park and is among major attractions of city since its opening in 1985. Visit this park and enjoy unlimited access to more than 30 attractions ranging from gentle rides for little ones to roller-coaster thrilling rides that challenge the adventure freaks.

Enjoy family picnics in landscaped and shaded gardens with designed BBQ areas, watch the live performances at amphitheatre and enjoy a perfect day out with your family and friends.

Art & Cultural Heritage

Abu Dhabi is more mature, arty and bookish sibling to Dubai which is always ready to preserve its rich cultural heritage but at the same time look at the things with a futuristic approach so that modern and contemporary art forms also flourish over here. The city is a home to UAE’s foreign embassies thus the capital has an atmosphere of lively cultural exchange.

Abu Dhabi has always acted as a proud host to some of the remarkable world events. The Cultural Foundation has played a significant host to the Arabian Peninsula’s biggest annual book fair.

Emirates Film Competition is country’s first local film festival held in April clearly shows that how much love and respect the people have about their rich cultural heritage and they do their best make the traditions alive.

Enjoy Desert Safari

One thing that everyone should do while in Abu Dhabi is the Desert Safari. Enjoy the beautiful sand dunes, indulge in camel riding or sand skiing, try the flavors of Arabian coffee and do paint your hands with henna.

The whole experience is just too good to resist. Other way to feel the desert is to spend time in Desert Island and enjoy a trip to the Arabian Wildlife Park on Sir Bani Yas Island.

Who stops you when the oasis of entertainment is calling you? Pack your bags avail best discounts on flights to Abu Dhabi from London and enjoy one of the best trips of your life.

Ultimate shopping

No visit to Abu Dhabi is compete without shopping at its souks and malls . Visit the Madinat Zayed Gold souk to purchases pieces of elegant jewellery. Buy rugs, Persian carpets, bedding or crockery at Mina Souk and if you are a big fan of modern brands then do visit modern and elegant shopping malls of Abu Dhabi.

Doing Business

For those wanting to do business in Abu Dhabi then the city has many options for serviced offices and coworking spaces, so your startup can get off the ground in no time at all.

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