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15-07-2012 | Dojo |

Everyone will eventually face arguing with someone they are in a relationship with. It happens mainly because when they say or do something it can easily annoy you due to been around them for such a long time. You are also much more emotional with the one you love and therefore they can say something silly as a joke and it will offend you quite a lot. Arguments in relationships are not always bad though. It can teach you and your partner that you need to be together and you can also use it as a way to air your opinions and then move on from the argument. Sometimes so many small things build up and annoy you so that you just snap and take it out on your partner. Once letting it all out then it will eventually get a lot better because it is not all stored inside you.

Sadly sometimes arguments can lead to break ups if you say the wrong thing because you have hurt them too much with the things you have said. This is understandable as if they said it to you then you would most likely be upset too. The point is, sometimes arguments can be a good way to let all your anger out and then, once making up, be much happier with each other.

Most arguments from my previous experience happen because of small things building up or them saying something hurtful because they are stress themselves. Recently my girlfriend found out her grandfather had cancer and therefore she was really upset. I was there to comfort her the whole way but sometimes she could be snappy about anything due to stress. This is something you also need to understand, if someone is stressed and say something to you… the likelihood is that they do not mean it but they are just so upset and got really angry over something small. Try to not spark up a whole argument if this situation arises, I know it may hurt but it is only because they are stressed and upset and they need your comfort and support no matter what.

I recently had an argument with my girlfriend over something really stupid but she annoyed me at the time. What I did, and this is my advice for anyone, is just walk away and spend a bit of time on your own so that you do not retaliate with something hurtful that you do not mean. I went away for the weekend and came back, she apologised and we are all okay. Sometimes people need space to be able to think about things which is why I spent some time away and I would suggest you do the same if faced in an argument with your partner.

Arguments in relationships can be hard because you love them. What is the worst argument you have ever had in a relationship and how did you go about fixing the argument?

I hope this article gave you some advice about arguments in relationships and I hope you liked reading it. As always, please comment below if you have anything to say and I will be sure to read the comments.

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