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When starting out a relationship it can always be hard to find what to say to the person you have feelings towards. This can be one of the most awkward stages in a relationship because you are not sure if the other person has those feelings towards you too. So, I thought I would share some tips on how to talk to someone you love and how to develop a close relationship with that person.

The friend stages

Yes I know, the hardest and most annoying part of developing a relationship with someone you want to be in a relationship with is the friendship stages where you are always afraid of getting stuck in the ‘friend zone’. However it is important to develop a friendship with someone before taking the relationship to the next level. Get to know the person you want to be with and let them get to know you. This is the most important part in finding out if the person you have feelings for will work out for you if you were to get into a relationship.

Text messages

Yes text messages or messages via an instant message system may be easier for you to say what you feel to the other person however you should try to talk to them face to face more because it will develop a much stronger bond with the person and it will also share true emotions. If it comes to the point where you are sending texts between you and the person you love you should always try and write in full sentences and really take time to reply. Make it seem like you are putting in the time and effort to have a conversation with them. For me, text talk like ‘m8, wuu2 ect..’ is a no go. This is because it seems like you can not be bothered to reply fully and can not be bothered putting in the effort to make a decent reply. This is why I always reply with full words, sentences, spell things correctly and take time to reply with something. Also, another tip would be to move the conversation forward and do not ask or say anything that would make the conversation die off. Keep the conversation alive by talking about new things that can start up a lasting discussion.


Complimenting someone can really help to get someone to notice your feelings for them as long as you do not take it too far. Calling people beautiful can work out a treat as long as you do not say it too much. I find things like babe and baby to be patronising so be careful of what you say to compliment someone as they might find things annoying too. Make that person feel special and good about themselves though. My girlfriend was lacking a lot of confidence and never believed she was good enough for anyone but I complimented her a few times and managed to get her to believe that what I was saying was in fact true and since then she has been much more confident about her personal appearance.

Kind, caring and appriciative

When talking to someone you love you should always be kind and caring. Show some interest in what they are saying and take the back seat in the conversation unless the subject needs changing. Listen to what they have to say and show that you care. Also be appreciative of what is happening in that persons life at the time. There life could be much harder than normal at the time so you have to respect that they might be snappy and close to an argument for no reason so take that into account and if that problem arises I suggest leaving them to calm down for a short period of time and then be there to support them.

Do not rush these stages and steps. Take time to get to know people and make sure it is what they want. Remember it is them you want to be in a relationship with so treat them like a princess or a price and make sure that they are happy to spend time around you. Put a lot of effort into it and good luck! If you have any other tips then be sure to share them in the comments below.

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  • August 24, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Though most of the parts I read in your post were a general facts, needed to follow while being or before in relationship. The most Important point which I am agreed is the usage of text messages for being connected. We should thrive our best to introduce ourselves in reality for meeting instead of virtual meeting via texting, chatting etc. Relationship gets strengthened by the Real true feelings not by just some chat Emoticons ! Thanks

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