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My article today will be looking into Euthanasia and if it should be legal in the UK and other countries. Euthanasia is another controversial subject and it is basically where someone wants to commit suicide but is unable to do it themselves so they ask for help from someone to kill them. This is also known as assisted suicide. In the UK and other countries this is illegal and it is treated as murder as they are still killing someone.

Euthanasia is a controversial subject and many people will have different opinions. I want to hear what my readers think about it and if it should be legal. Some people think that it should be legal because if the person was able to kill themselves then they would. Also if the person who wanted to die was in a lot of pain it could be the only way to have a release from the pain and suffering. If the person wanted to die then they would have the mind set on dying and find other ways to do it even if Euthanasia was illegal. However, others think it should stay illegal because with our medical science there may eventually be a cure for the pain and the reason why they want to die. It is also possible that they would go on to live a happy life and they were just going through a rough time but they would not be able to live a happy life in the future if they were dead.

As Christianity is the main religion in the United Kingdom and possibly also the religion of the mass of our readers I will look at the views and take them into consideration. Some Christians believe that Euthanasia is wrong because life is sacred and it should be up to only god to decide who dies and who stays alive and it should not be up to humans to decide. They classify Euthanasia to be murder and murder is banned by god in the Ten Commandments. However, some Christians think that it should be allowed sometimes because they believe in living wills. This is where people can state what treatment they want to receive and how they want to die if they have a terminal illness such as been paralyzed. This is because, with medical science no one can be sure what gods wishes about someones death actually is. Jesus’ teachings on loving your neighbor could be used to justify assisting suicide because you  are helping your neighbor or friend have what he/she wants and you are helping them when they are in trouble. Living wills allow people to be in control of what people or doctors do to them which is a basic human right.

Euthanasia is shown a lot on television. A woman becomes paralyzed and asks her close friend to kill her on the film ‘Million Dollar Baby’. This could be shown to someone who is paralyzed and it could change their viewpoint and make them want to die because of seeing the film and therefore I think some subjects like this are dangerous to show on TV.

In my personal opinion I think Euthanasia should be legal under certain circumstances because if the person wants to die then they should get what they want. They would kill themselves if they could. Also I think that because we do not currently have cures for the pain and suffering it can be the only option to be happy. What do you think?

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  • http://Bert%20Smith

    July 25, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    It is easy in the cold light of day if I am not fit I want to be finished off like the spartans. Different ball game when you are faced with an early death, then people can change and fight wih every breath to stay alive for every second.

    God rode a Triumph, it clearly says “the roar of god’s triumph was heard all around.” Clearly a reference to biker hobbies. The bible and been repeatedly used to justify the unjustifiable.

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