Great Ways to Save Money Using Top Applications for Traveling

19-07-2017 | Dojo |

Great Ways to Save Money Using Top Applications for TravelingFor most families traveling remains one of the best ways to have a lot of fun, learn new things and visit amazing places. Traveling can be heavy on a family’s budget, but there are a lot of ways to slash down the prices and make it less expensive.

Unless you came into big money (from using Canadian sport betting website, for instance), you’ll be interested to find there are travel apps that can help you save money:


If you’re not going on a cruise, driving by car or taking the bus, you’ll need to book a flight. And here it can go really crazy, since there are so many possible prices for the same flight.

You can compare flight prices and get the best deals by using Skyscanner.


Another good app to use, if you want to get the best airfare deals out there. Membership costs 10 bucks (9.99 to be more exact), but you can clearly cover the costs with the huge discounts you get access to.

We started using it back in 2008 and were very pleased with the results. It allowed us to find a great place to stay in Croatia and we’ve stayed there for 6 more times. allows you to search through countless accommodation options, get great deals and find amazing places to stay.


Last year we found out that some of the people who’d advertise on, are starting to use Airbnb and we used it for the first time few days ago.

I booked a trip at a mountain resort in our country and got a great deal. It’s nice especially since we have booked the entire apartment and we have a kitchen I’m planning to use to cut down on the costs even more.


This is my husband’s favorite app, since it allows him to get fast to the desired location and also find out if there are any issues on the way.

Using a regular GPS system on the car doesn’t give the latest information on traffic or blockages and we did have issues in the past when the road we took wasn’t used anymore and had to waste precious time to find a better one.

With such apps you get access to the current state of the traffic and roads and won’t face such challenges.

Trip Advisor

Back when we stayed in NYC I started using it to find some new interesting spots to visit. It allowed me to see tourist reviews, avoid some common tourist traps that would be expensive and with less than stellar service and focus on the best offers.

Are there any other travel apps you are using to save money? Would you care to share them?

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