Greed – the uncontrollable desire

23-07-2012 | Adry |

I grew up in what can be called a “normal” family. We didn’t have much but life was decent. There was food on the table, clothes and shoes is necessary and the yearly vacation for which my parents would save up months in advance. Overall I can say we were quite happy and I for one had everything I needed.

Along the years I tried to form my own idea of what life should be like: a roof over my head is a must, then comes food and other basic needs people can’t live without. Basicaly I agree with Maslow, he pretty much thought of everything.

Well, here I am all grown up and my needs haven’t changed one bit so how come there’s all this greed in the world?

In my opinion, wanting more is OK. It means one has ambitions. It means one is not lazy. What it doesn’t mean is one has to trample all over others.

The last few years I had the “pleasure” to meet such people and they all managed to make me lose faith in humanity. Well, almost but I still assume the worst in someone before seing the good. Oh, and there is no pattern. Either rich or poor, some people are just greedy!

I bought a car last year. It’s a used car since money is tight.
The man who sold it decided on a price and it seemed more than reasonable.
The car works just fine and I still love it BUT there was something fishy about the sale as I thought it was kind of cheap.
I tested it and retested it, everything seemed in order so I wasted no more time and bought it.

I was so proud I had my first car and can finally stop carpooling to work I didn’t think anything bad could happen. I would never in my life thought that the night before you make the sale one can: take out the safety car kit, fire extinguisher, the reflective vest and everything else that should be in the car at all times and … the tires were replaced with smaller ones.

This is where greed got. All of the things that should have been in the trunk because the law says are not worth a fortune but still, those few bucks seemed to be of great importance so I had to buy everything myself afterwards.
The tire switching though was a dangerous move. Lucky for me I drove a car before and I knew something was wrong, a car shouldn’t wiggle that much.

There is this misconception that rich people are the greedy ones but I can confirm that’s not true. Everyone can fall in the trap of greed: from utterly poor to filthy rich, from young to old… everyone gets greedy sometimes.

It’s not the “sin” part that bothers me, I never cared about these “rules” anyway. It’s the fact that greed is taken to such a high level the risks are just not worth it. If I was a bad driver, I could have died on the road for a mere 30$ (used tires are not worth more than that). Thank God for good mechanics!

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  • http://Roach

    July 24, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Great article. I agree that people in this world today are greedy and do not have the right idea of what is a need and what is a want. People seem to be overcome by the amount that people get and by what is offered in todays world with all the new technology. Things are more easily available to us today which is why I feel greed has increased. Shame to hear about the car though. Goes to show how much people can be trusted now days. Going back to the greed, I live next to someone that does not work… claims benefits and has two children and a boyfriend. She is living with her boyfriend but does not declare it and she gets all the money and things handed to her on a plate whilst my family is sat next doors just making enough to pay the bills. I think this is why it happens. People that make an effort get nothing and people that do nothing get everything which in my opinion helps make people greedy.

  • July 24, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Well, life’s not fair, that’s a fact.
    I can’t even understand why one would gather piles of money, in the end we all leave this earth anyways.
    I’d rather feel good about myself and be fair. Your family is a great example of how people should be like. I also know persons who collect benefits when they could just as well go find a job or do something worthwhile and not just wait for everything to be handed to them. And they are STILL not satisfied. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

  • http://Bert%20Smith

    July 25, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    The bankers have shown what real greed is about. They gamble and when they lose they expect us to cover their loses. All loses so far have been put on the taxpayer not the business community.

    They then seemed suprised we think they are scum and want to throw stones through their windows.

  • July 26, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Gosh, sometimes I wish banks weren’t invented 🙂
    You’re right but unfortunately nowadays banks are so popular we all have to use them even if they play with our money one way or the other. I for one am not happy about paying almost 100$ a year in commissions, for example. I could buy myself a nice Christmas present at the end of the year but we all have no choice.
    Greed is everywhere and there’s not much we can do about it but complain.

  • http://dojo

    July 31, 2012 at 12:19 am

    Well, that’s also bad customer service, not only greed. It’s indeed pretty nasty to have something like this done, but the guy probably knew you’ll never deal with him again, so he’s not having to get you as a returning customer. Anyway .. nasty …

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