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07-08-2012 | Dojo |

In life we will have many good memories however these are normally put down and forgotten about during the day to day stress of life and when life turns bad for a period. It is normal for me to remember bad memories more than I remember good memories because they play on my mind much more. This is not what I want to happen in my life, I want to hold on to the good memories and forget the bad ones so I have now started a simple A4 book of where me and my girlfriend write down our best memories and place in pictures from now until the day one of us dies. I think this is a good idea and I also think you should try this and share the great memories and keep a track on them.

What can go into them?

Special dates.

My first idea would be to keep track of pictures and memories from special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Take a few pictures and stick them on the page and write down about why it is a special date a memory to you.

Your children.

This will be the main one I will put into my ‘memory book’. Pictures of my children (when I have them) will be placed as will possibly hair from the first hair cut and other good memories. I will keep pictures of every month of the children for the first year to see how much they grow ect.

Days out.

I go out with my girlfriend a lot have have a lot of fun. Take a picture of each other on that day and it will remind you of what happened. A simple picture is all you need to remember a great day out with the person you need in years to come.

Holidays and weddings.

You can also take pictures of your holidays with your family and remember the great trips you had with your family. Also weddings and your honeymoon are perhaps the most special and happiest moments of your life. Pictures have to be taken to remember that special day when you said ‘I do’.

You do not have to include everything about what happened. Sometimes there could be things you do not want to write or put a picture up about. Just take a picture of write something that hints at it and in the future just looking at this reminder will bring back the memories of the day and you will remember the full story. In the future I hope to show my children this book with all the pictures of mum and dad and all the history we will have between us at the point. Also, since my girlfriend is a good artist I have made her do a front cover to make it a bit more fun. It will say ‘true love never dies’ and have a picture of me and her from the first date.

Personally I think this would be a great idea. Suppose this could also be done in the form of a private blog or diary. It is up to you but I thought I would share this with you and give you an idea on keeping the good memories alive for the long future.

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