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6 reasons why I’d have another c-section tomorrow, if needed

I’ve been very quiet these weeks and the reason for this is that we had our baby. Days before the happy event I was so swamped with client work (trying to get my clients’ sites done as much as possible for my ‘maternity leave’) and then the baby came and I didn’t quite care about […]

Beautiful Christmas decoration

How are you gonna spend the holidays?

It’s ‘that’ time of the year, when we make plans for our holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanuka and the New Year’s Eve, most families are done planning and booking (if it’s the case) for these special days together. Some choose to stay at home and enjoy a meal with their loved ones, others are traveling […]


How our frugal ‘non-wedding’ turned into one of the best events in our lives

Husband and I have been together since 2002. We moved together few years ago and also traveled the world together, the only thing we ‘failed’ to do was actually get married. We were in no rush, since living together wasn’t affected by our situation and none of us are ‘party people’. We did go to […]


Are we complaining too much?

This month has been pretty rough money-wise, since we had some expenses that ‘happened’ all in the same month (car insurance, the 2 year car checkup, husband’s gas analyzer check etc.). I started October with a nice budget, which of course didn’t contain all these expenses. Now we’re going at least 50% off the set […]

New York City - Manhattan Skyline

New York City: my personal top 7 buildings in the City

New York City is well known for various attractions and places, but one of the things we really love and appreciate is the architecture some of its buildings have. While visiting the city and enjoying taking picture, I got to love some of its buildings and thought about creating my own Top7. You’ll surely recognize […]



Few years ago, when we were visiting our friends in NYC, I started looking for some new TV series to watch (besides Grey’s Anatomy and other similar shows) and stumbled upon Bones. As a personal preference, I always go for some medical stuff, crime/investigation or law shows, so it’s clear why I didn’t stop watching […]


Top Things to Do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a charming and fascinating city that constitutes the cultural and economic core of Turkey and combines the prestige and splendor of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires altogether. If you are planning to visit Istanbul, book your accommodation early, you can find great deals here. Keep reading to know how to make the […]


Athens: A City Fast Forwarded to Modernity

Athens, the Greek capital could be described as the living history of its country. The city with envying number of UNESCO heritage sites is going under radical changes these days. The process of rebuilding that started with 2004 Olympics is still continuing adding new dimensions to this already famous capital. And the world renowned Parthenon […]


How to find happiness in your life

The humans have tried to be happy for centuries. There are books, poems, songs about happiness or lack of it. Most of us remember fondly when we were kids and everything seemed to be better. We consider those were happy times and struggle, as adults, to become happy at least from time to time. How […]


A resting place with a view in Croatia

We first visited Croatia 5 years ago, when we were planning for a summer/autumn vacation (and doing it a little too late). It was around June and we weren’t yet sure where we’d go for a seaside vacation. After seeing some offers for Malta and Greece, our eyes fell on a picture with a Croatian […]


American History X

Racism and hatred NEVER brought anything good. This would easily sum up the entire movie I’d like to recommend for this weekend. It’s an old movie (1998) and I’m sure most movie buffs have heard of it or even watched it at least once. It’s hard to watch, shocking and still a masterpiece, the reason […]


Pregnancy: How to prepare for your pregnancy (II)

Pregnancy: How to prepare for your pregnancy (I) In the above article we had 4 of the ‘items’ on your pre-pregnancy list. Today I’d like to mention other few things that a mother to be should have in mind before planning to have a baby: 5. Change your diet for the better We’re all eating […]


Top 3 Reasons Why Travellers Fall in Love with Tavira

Having a holiday in Tavira is certainly one thing that you should do if ever you find yourself in Portugal for several days or weeks. Tavira is an exquisite holiday destination that has become increasingly popular over the years. It possesses several beautiful sights, most notably its gorgeous white sand beaches, that make every traveller […]


Top Courses in Travel and Tourism for a Bright Career

The travel and tourism industry has become one of the worlds largest and the fastest growing industries. There are a huge number of career opportunities in this industry involving areas like travel consultancy, marketing, human resources, hotel management, tour planning and customer relations. In order to find a career path in travel and tourism, there […]


10 Places You Don’t Want to Miss in Tavira

Tavira is an amazing place that every traveler who is spending a holiday in Portugal should visit. It is a really great vacation destination since there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is very popular for its pristine white sand beaches but it is likewise so rich in culture and history that it has […]



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