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29-07-2012 | Adry |

There are so many ways we can lose weight, I can’t even count them any more. Hundreds of diets, exercising, surgery etc.
Well I only believe in the first 2, but people can go a long way to look good so there are many other methods to help you lose weight.

On of the most effective methods to make you lose those pounds is eating healthy. You may already be bored and anoyied of hearing this but eating healthy is important if you want to look fit.

“Diet” is a word often associated with starving yourself to death because you can only eat like 1 carrot and an apple a day. Or stuff yourself with soup or I don’t know what other “light food”.

Diet, on the other hand means a totaly different thing. It means food and drink and nothing more. If you chose to have a diet based on 3 bananas a day, it’s your choice but you can also chose a diet based on eating as much as you like and still be healthy. It’s called a raw diet.

I read about dieting a lot and all that stuck with me is “you can’t eat more than this” or “you either eat this or that, not both”. With a raw diet you not only can eat anything you want, but you eat as much as you want, until you feel full.

The name practically speaks for itself: eat anything raw. Vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, whatever “grows”. These foods give you strenght and energy and don’t have a lot of calories like say, a hamburger. They are full of vitamins and minerals, something boiled vegetables don’t have because every useful substances you find in them are boiled along the way.

Now, I’m not the one to preach about going on a raw diet alltogether, even if more and more people are doing it. I was a vegetarian myself and couldn’t keep it that way for more than a few years. Also, no one can preach about the benefits of the 100% raw diet if they are not vegans themselves.
What I can tell you though is that raw vegetables and fruit are as healthy as they can get. Once you cook them they lose a lot of their benefits and just become food that fills our stomach.

My advice is that, if you want to lose a few extra pounds, consuming raw foods instead of cooked ones is one of the ways to go. Let’s see how:

salads. For quite some time now I started eating raw salads for dinner or with some of the meals during the day. I wash, cut and mix the veggies and the salad is done. If I have one of these vegetable salads for dinner I add some cheese or fish. No bread needed.

snacks in between meals. Whenever I stay home and have nothing important to do I tend to eat chocolate or cookies or worse, potato chips and all sort of bad junk food. I now replace those with peanuts, wallnuts, pumkin seeds, pistachios… whatever else catches my eyes at the supermarket. My favorites are the walnuts, they remind me of my childhood.

raw garnish. I don’t eat meat that often but I do enjoy the occasional steak. Well, instead of enjoying it with mashed potatoes or some other cookes garnish, now I go with raw vegetables: carrots, cabbage, tomatoes… whatever floats your boat.

A 100% raw diet means giving up everything you are used to: meat, baked cakes, grandma’s family dinner. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way but if you can manage to reduce the number of cooked foods and increase the raw vegetables and fruits in the menu, you’ll see in time you’ll feel much better than before and you might even lose a few pounds if you keep eating healthy.

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