Personal Finance Blogs: top articles this week (6)


When did this week ‘run’ so fast?

It’s already Sunday and we’re getting closer to the end of the year. This week for us meant a lot of work and some deadlines, but it’s all good. We also went to a private clinic in the city to discuss the details of the upcoming birth of our daughter, to find out how much it will finally cost. We’re also planning on storing stem cells from the umbilical cord, so this will drive our cost up.

This week in the personal finance blogging has been filled with interesting articles, even if it already tends to be less active than usual. It’s normal, we’re all preparing for the holidays and making plans for the new year.

Here are 5 of the articles from the personal finance blogs I really enjoyed reading and hope you’ll do, too:

Previous 5 articles:


    • Here we’d have to pay 1.3K Euro and they keep it for 20 years. When our daughter grows up she can pay yearly (I think 65 Euro) or we can continue paying. It’s a lot of money here, but we decided that, if our travel budget/year is almost double, we could make this one time ‘sacrifice’ .. who knows what can happen in the future …


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