An Overview on How to Send Car Parts

09-06-2017 | Dojo |

car-partsWhether you need to send car parts for work or if you restore cars as a hobby and that requires sending car parts by courier, you might not be sure what the dos and don’ts are for sending car parts or if there are any limits.

This post aims to give you a brief guide to sending your car parts and what you need to know when using a car parts courier.

What Can I Send?

Car parts come in all shapes, sizes and weights, with some examples of car parts that are regularly shipped including tyres and wheels, bumpers, bonnets, grilles, seats and engine/engine parts.

If you’re sending car parts internationally, it’s best to check the recipient country’s customs guidelines on restricted or prohibited items to avoid your packages being stopped at customs or having to pay additional charges for them.  Head to for more information about international trade regulations for the transport industry, which includes the regulations, charges and restrictions for vehicle equipment that’s leaving the UK.

Packaging Your Car Parts

Deciding on the right packaging is crucial when sending your car parts as it ensures that they survive their journey in transit. Car parts can vary in size, weight and shape so some of them may need some extra attention when preparing them to be sent via courier. Here are a few tips to help:

  • When shipping engine parts, it’s crucial that you drain and dry them before sending them as engine oils and brake fluids are classed as hazardous liquids that cannot be sent by courier.
  • Bumpers will require a large, sturdy box that’s filled with packaging materials to support and cushion the spine and prevent damage.
  • If you can’t find a box large enough for a bonnet then you may need to use a wooden crate. The bonnet should be wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap, with corner protection on all four corners and then sufficiently cushioned by internal packaging materials so that it cannot move.
  • When sending tyres and wheels, each one much be packaged separately in a strong box with packaging materials.

Finding A Courier

Make sure you find a specialist courier to help you send your car parts to the UK or abroad. Couriers who are experts in dealing with car part deliveries, like InXpress for example, can give you extra peace of mind that your packages will arrive at their destination safely and securely – perfect if you regularly need car parts and also handy if you need some delivered urgently.

Don’t get caught out when sending car parts by courier service – getting to know customs guidelines when sending internationally, making sure your car parts are packaged correctly and using a specialist courier will help you avoid delays or any additional charges when sending your car parts.

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