Quiz to Help Understand What Impacts Your Life Insurance Rates


Quiz to Help Understand What Impacts Your Life Insurance Rates

Most Americans don’t have enough life insurance, and over 40 percent of our nation’s residents don’t have life insurance at all.

Many people think they just can’t afford it, and that might be a huge misconception. Would your family have trouble meeting everyday living expenses if you were to pass away unexpectedly?

Many households with children say they would immediately have financial difficulties after a tragic loss.

Life insurance is confusing and can be hard to understand.

Many factors can determine your life insurance rates, and you might be surprised by how much life insurance you can afford.

Over 80 percent of consumers overestimate the actual cost of life insurance, often by as much as three times the amount they’re quoted by a professional.

People like you want to save money, and purchasing life insurance is no different. If you’re getting married, buying a home, and having children, it’s time to shop for life insurance.

Take our quiz today and find out what habits will increase your quoted life insurance rates, and which of your hobbies are considered high-risk activities by your life insurance provider that will drive up your premiums.

Did you know that gender plays a role in your quoted charges, and so does your age?

How’s your driving record, and are your term-life insurance policy rates going to change?

Younger applicants often get the best rates, so don’t put off getting your life insurance today. We will answer these questions and more with our quick and straightforward life insurance quiz.



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