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03-07-2012 | Adry |

Losing weight means dieting and exercising but everything at it’s own pace. Weight loss is a problem that needs to be taken seriously so doing it wrong can lead to health problems.

Weight loss should be don one step at a time so, after the obvious first step (deciding you want to lose weight) we proceed to the next: diet and exercise schedule.
I have to be honest I never believed in magic diets but these tips are actualy working. Bad eating habits are hard to give up, I know that, but it’s worth it.

What I’d like to talk about now is not dieting, but some sort of exercise schedule that should give results in time. TIME is the key word and you should know from the start that no exercises will make you look fit after only a few days.

From my personal experience, starting an agressive workout does nothing.
You feel good about yourself for about 2 weeks and then when you look in the mirror and see no substantial changes after long long sessions of hard workouts you just want to give up and go eat an entire cake because you’ll be so mad and so dissapointed you could cry. It’s the hard truth and you should know from the start it takes time for your body to transform.

The solution to seeing some actual results (and to not give up) is starting slow. Start with mild workouts. If you have a personal trainer, even better but if you are doing this alone, you need to know it takes time.

You could start with series of crunches, some squats, pushups if you feel up to it so that you’ll get used to working out. But few. Start with 1 or 2 series of 20. You’ll feel your muscles sore at first but repeating these small series every 2 days will make the muscle pain go away and you’ll feel better and will want more.
After 3-4 weeks, when you feel up to it, increase the number. You could increase the number of series or increase the number of repeats but only when you think you’re ready. You could also try new exercises (jogging, biking, new gym equipment) and after another few weeks, you should be able to do and want to do more.

Results will show.
Starting slow only seems to be uneffective because you feel you do so little, but in time you will be able to exercise more and feel good about yourself.

There are no miracles when wanting to lose weight. All those short movies about how to have the perfect body in less than a month are pure crap. The human body needs time to adjust to change and if you want REAL results you should arm yourself with patience and positive thoughts.

Losing weight is a process that consumes time and energy and you should start slow so you won’t feel discouraged and, what’s most important, get used to the change. Because you WILL change, change the way you eat, change your daily routine by exercising and in the end, change the way you look because this should be the main goal if you decide to lose weight.

Results will come, just give them a bit of time.

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