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Blogging for money: niche blog vs. general blog

Read about my experience turning from a general blog to a successful personal finance blog. Find out which option works […]

Increase blog traffic by commenting on other blogs – the effective way

After letting my blog ‘sit’ for quite some months, I decided to get back to working seriously on it and […]

Best personal finance articles on DojoBlog in 2013

Most of 2013 on DB was pretty quiet, but in the past few months we had a lot of personal […]

Blogging: The pros and cons of guest posting on your blog

Over the past years guest posting on various blogs has become one of the greatest ways for new bloggers to […]

Blogging: Top organizing tips for bloggers

If you’re like me, you probably opened a blog to share some ideas and have a bit of a fun. […]

Make money blogging: Promote only the products / services you believe in

Most bloggers don’t write only for the fun of having an audience. Sure, we all start our journey wanting to […]

Blogging: Should you pay for comments?

The number of comments articles receive is one of the ‘metrics’ we use to see how successful a blog is. […]

Blogging: Why Does My Blog Receive too Few Comments?

We can see if a blog is successful by taking into account various metrics: traffic, subscribers, back links etc. Another […]

Blogging: How to make your blog use up LESS resources

Most of us ‘self-hosted’ bloggers use WordPress to power our online projects. The platform itself is amazing, maybe the reason […]

Blogging: How to get your blog to the NEXT LEVEL

Everybody and their dog has a blog nowadays. It’s easy to create one (there are free options, not to mention […]

Blogging: 8 ways to make your blog comments really count

Blogging is not just writing for ourselves, we’re showcasing content and ideas to a wide range of people who come […]

Paid Blog Reviews – the easy way

Monetizing your blog is both easy and hard. It’s easy, since there are a lot of ways one can earn […]

How to get article ideas for your blog

For some bloggers writing new posts is not an issue. There are tons of blogs that target a specific audience, […]

If you still want to use a FREE blog provider …

It’s pretty difficult for me to understand why someone wouldn’t want to blog in a ‘serious’ way. I am currently […]

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