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How to recover financially after the holidays

No matter how many articles we read about saving money and how much we hate it when we spend money […]

Save money as a student

Becoming a student and therefore taking that massive step to responsibility,¬†independent¬†and fending for yourself can be a hard time. Without […]

The true millionaires don’t live like true millionaires

I started working when I was almost 20, so it’s more than a decade since then (14 years exactly). I […]

How often do you buy a new phone?

People have gone mad in the past weeks with the new iPhone version release. I know people in my country […]

4 Habits that will ALWAYS leave you broke

Money is hard to manage for many of us. This is why we still have people who are feeling the […]

Cash From Cars

Driving has nearly become a luxury due to the rising, sky high gas prices, but it has, and always will […]

Not having new year’s resolutions is like soccer without the goals

We call them New Year’s Resolutions. These are our plans we make at the beginning of a new year, so […]

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