Understand Less And Condemn More

17-07-2012 | Dojo |

In this article I will be talking about whether people should not think about offenders as much as they do when sentencing them to prison. I will share my own opinion, why people may agree or disagree and also look at some religious views. At the end I would like for you to comment on the article with your views.

Some may think that people should think less about the offender and punish them for what they have done if they know or are someone that has been affected by the same or different crime. They could also think that just punishing the offender and not thinking about his or hers life is better because they may be scared of the offender been out on the streets and doing it again to them. Although some may feel that we should think of the offender too. For example people like doctors who know that the offender has mental illnesses would want people to think of the issues because it is possible that the offender did not know what he or she was doing.

Some religions agree with capital punishment. For example the Islam religion think capital punishment is a good thing but they also agree forgiveness with peace is better. Christians take more of a strong viewpoint on it as they believe when the bible says ‘an eye for an eye’ which would mean if the offender had hurt someone else then they too should be hurt or punished.

Overall I take a mixed viewpoint on whether we should understand a little less and condemn a little more because the offender has committed a crime and should be punished but if they have a mental illness then they will not know what they did and they should not be punished if it is something they cannot control from an illness. I also think that people should be punished for doing something wrong, like the Christians believe because prison could help them be taught not to do it again and it would also make everyone else feel better because whilst they are in prison there is no chance they can do it again. I do strongly believe that they should be punished no matter what but if they have a mental illness or an abusive background that caused them to do it then they should get lighter sentences whilst getting help for the illness. This is because if you have a mental illness you are not always in control of what you are doing and if you are brought up in an abusive family you are more likely to commit the crime because most people believe to do what their parents do because they believe it is the right thing to do. However this could be disagreed with because I was brought up with an abusive father and an abusive step father and I have never committed a crime and never even thought about committing one. What do you think? Should be condemn a little more and not think so much of the offender?


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