The Value of Using Collection Services, Drop Off Services and Timed Services for Business Parcel Delivery in the UK

22-05-2017 | Dojo |

One way you can improve your customer service, is to ensure you are offering the best delivery services.

In recent years, delivery has become an important consideration for potential customers, with super-speedy, affordable and reliable shipping rated the most important considerations consumers care about today.

If you’re not currently offering a range of delivery services to your customers, you could be really missing out.

Here, we’ll look at the value of using collection, drop off and timed services for business parcel delivery in the UK.

What are collection, drop-off and timed delivery services?

Before we look at why collection, drop-off and timed delivery services are important, let’s clear up what they actually are:

Collection services

The courier company collects parcels from customers and takes them back to either a specified drop-off point, or directly to your business premises. This service is most commonly used for customer returns.

Drop-off services

Sometimes it’s more convenient for customers to pick parcels up, or return them, to a specified location.  Drop-off service allows them to do this, and a courier will pick the parcels up from the chosen locations.

Timed services

Allows customers to choose specific time slots to receive their goods. This could be same day, one-hour slots, or specific days and morning or afternoon deliveries.

As you can see, each service is slightly different, so they each offer their own unique benefits.

Why these services can be valuable to your business

These days customers want two things when they shop with a company – speed and convenience.

Collection and drop-off services offer the convenience your customers need if they do need to return a package for whatever reason.

While no business wants to consider that a customer could be dissatisfied with its products, the reality is things do go wrong occasionally.

Without a good returns service, it could damage your reputation if the customer has to go out of their way to return a package that they feel should have been your responsibility.

Perhaps the most valuable service however, is the timed deliveries.

While drop-off and collection services are convenient when needed, super-fast delivery is what’s really going to help boost customer satisfaction.

The more time slots you give the customer, the happier they’re going to be (provided you do deliver on time of course).

Adding all three of these services can significantly boost your reputation, help you gain and retain customers and boost your profit margins.

However, it’s vital you compare the different couriers using a site like Parcel2Go to ensure you’re getting the most reliable and affordable services.

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