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28-01-2012 | Adry |

Weight loss these days is quite a bit of a problem. Although everyone already said that and everyone knows it, it’s still a very very true fact. I already told you I was quite a “big” person as a kid but I made some changes and everything worked out well. I can’t say I’m very proud of myself, I could have done better but I could have also given up and continue being fat.

It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t (especially when I see so many temptations lying literally next to me, like the best pizzeria in town being close to my home…) but trust me, it’s much better to be and feel healthy.

If you decide to take this step and I hope you do, there are hundreds of ways to lose weight. Ok, maybe not that many but still, a lot more than you can count on your fingers, including your toes… Sadly though, most of them are not efficient.

You can’t lose weight by starving yourself or by eating cabbage soup for a month. What you see everywhere, those “lose 10 pounds in a week” diets are crap. keeping a very strict diet is only a temporary measure. Nobody will ever lose the weight for good that way because those punds will come back after after you stop eating carrots all day..

Weight loss is easy in theory but needs a bit of discipline when you put it in practice. Let’s see a few tips about how one can lose weight without also losing their minds..

1. Stop with the sodas.
Sodas and other juices you buy at the store have hundreds calories. They are mostly made of sugar and aromas. It’s ok to drink some from time to time, but whenever you feel thirsty, water is always better because water has 0 calories. A glass of juice has a minimum of 30-40 calories, multiplied with more glasses – you do the math.

2. Sweets and snacks
Well, this is just obvious.
A tablet of chocolate has at least 300 calories, chips have hundreds of them as well.. needless to say if one want’s to lose weight they have to give up these “treats” for good!

3. Fast food
This tip needs no further explanation. Fast food is like the biggest explosion of calories there is. You can’t lose weight if you keep having fast food, even from time to time. Fast food is the biggest NO in the process of weight loss.

4. Dips and sauces
From now on you have to get used to eating food without dipping sauces or dressings that contain “fat”. No more mayo, no more spicy sauce, all they do is add to the number of calories.

5. Sugars
Now that we have the “fats” out of the picture, it’s time we rennounce sugar as well. Maybe not for good, I could never drink a cup of tea with no sugar, it just has no taste, but there are sugar replacements if you can’t have plain cocoa or sugarless hot chocolate.

There you have it. A small list of tips on how to significantly reduce the number of calories you take in every day. These are great weight loss tips if you are ready to start doing some changes and begin the weight loss process. It’s no fun but it’s worth it and the results will show if you keep up the good work.

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