3 Ways to Earn Money on the Side

15-10-2018 | Dojo |

3 Ways to Earn Money on the Side

You need money to fund your lifestyle, get out of debt and even save for retirement. Everything costs – from car and mortgage payments to the daily cost of living and unexpected expenses.

78 percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck, according to figures released in a report by CareerBuilder in 2017.

This is why, looking to earn money on the side to tackle any debt obligations you may have makes sense more than ever.

The side-gig economy is getting so big, that 38 percent of Americans now have side jobs, earning an average of $686 each month.

If you want to earn extra money, here are few jobs you can take to supplement your income.

Earn money as a driver

If you love to drive, have a driving license, a clean driving record and your own vehicle you can easily get started as a delivery driver for food deliveries or online shopping.

It is one of the most popular weekend jobs to earn extra cash.

Most companies offer shift patterns which mean you can specify your working hours limited to just your free days, nights or weekends.

If you will be using your own vehicle for the job, it is important that you take the time to consider and secure appropriate motor insurance. Keep in mind any other supplementary protection required for your commercial vehicle based on the change in circumstances such as breakdown cover and legal protection.

Some employers such as furniture companies do not even require your own vehicle but instead provide their own after a short training.

You can work as an Uber or Lyft driver, allowing you to make money and also have a flexible schedule.

Figures taken from Glassdoor show that drivers can earn an average of $16 per hour. In a 10-hour weekend side job, that is an extra $160 in the bank.

Make money selling online

If you have a lot of stuff at home and want to declutter, you can sell the items that are still in good condition online.

From Craigslist, ebay and other online selling venues, there’s no limit in the opportunities you can get.

If you want to take it a step further, you can start your own business from your home by sourcing products from thrift stores and garage sales to be listed on selling platforms. With this, you control your time spent and you also control your markup (and your profit) when you list.

If you are talented, you can create handmade items and sell for profit. Most materials are cheap and there’s an increasing need for great quality handmade creations. Just find your niche and start earning.

Earn money renting your home

If you have too many rooms, compared to what you really need and live in a good neighborhood, there you have it: Airbnb.

If you are up for it, Airbnb has more than 2.5 million homeowners listing their properties on it. Yours can be among them.

The director of public affairs for Airbnb estimates that American homeowners make around $7,200 annually renting their home out using the website.

A recent survey by SmartAssets revealed that those using the site can earn up to 81 percent of their rent for a two-bedroom home by just listing one room.

About half a grand a month can be directed towards your debt payment, savings or retirement accounts.

These are just 3 ideas of earning an extra buck from home, feel free to share your favorite ones.

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