A walk in Dresden

26-12-2011 | Dojo |

Few years ago we’d visit Germany twice per year: in March and October/November, so that my guy would attend Numismata, a great numismatic convention that would take place either in Munich or Berlin. While he was buying coins and tokens, I’d go visit the cities and hit some of the stores. Can’t keep a woman from shopping 😀

One of the latest drives to Berlin (around 1200 kilometers from my city to Berlin and 1200 back) gave us the chance to see more. We’d visit Prague for few hours on our way to Berlin and then haste on our way back home.

This time it was different. We decided to try ‘touch’ Dresden too, since it wasn’t that far and we wanted to visit it. We knew about it from the history books and were interested to visit it, even if it was only for 2-3 hours.

Finding a parking space wasn’t too easy, but we managed to get the car into an underground parking. Think it was at Hilton’s or some big hotel. It would cost us few Euro/hour, not a very small price, so we were determined to not waste any more time, but try and visit Dresden in a fast-forward manner.

The Fürstenzug

The Fürstenzug is one of the most remarkable buildings there. Imagine 23k Meissen porcelain tiles ‘telling’ a story. An amazing attraction for most tourists there.

Semperoper is another example of great architecture and style. Just as the name reveals, it’s the Opera house, built in 1841 by Gottfried Semper. After 28 years it burnt down in a huge fire to be rebuilt again and completed in 1878.

It was a very warm autumn day so people were flooding the space in front of the Dresden Frauenkirche.

Lots of colorful hot balloons were making the entire city look even more amazing. We managed to catch few of them in our pics.

And then we got to the Zwinger Palace which proved once again Dresden is really worth visiting and we were only scratching the surface in these 2 hours there

Zwinger palace dresden

zwinger palace dresden

Zwinger Palace Dresden

It was a pity not having enough time to see all the buildings in this area. Dresden should be visited in 2-3 days at least, so that you can really enjoy this amazing architecture. For a small ‘taste’ of it, these 2-3 hours were still great.

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