About Dojo – Personal finance blog author

Hi, there and thank you for stopping by. If you’ve stumbled across this page, I presume you’d like to find out something about myself.

Here is the short version: I’m a web designer and active blogger, love photography and traveling. A bit of personal history and more details:

  • my name is Ramona, I usually post online as Dojo (based on my ‘brand’ company Dojo Design).
  • back in 2002, I was training at a local Karate club (hence the nickname) and also started my first site (dojo.ro)
  • since I had to money to invest in the site, but quite some time to learn how to do everything by myself, I slowly became a web designer. In 2 years time I started having clients, who wanted to hire me to work on their own projects
  • I worked for 10 years as a radio DJ at 2 local stations and lost my job in 2009. Was broke, unemployed and with a HUGE car payment
  • this is when I started working as a full time web designer at my own small company (OK, working from home)
  • I am now making a comfortable living from this, have been debt free since 2012 (and intend on remaining so) and started getting more interested in personal finance, small business and freelancing.
  • on a more personal level, I got married to the man I have loved since 2002 (yep, good year) and am currently pregnant with our daughter.

The personal finance blog

Running my own small home based business, dealing with clients and also trying to set up a good budget and a new lifestyle for my family, has made me more interested in personal finance than ever before.

This blog provides insightful articles about all these topics: freelancing, frugal living, setting up and running a successful small business, dealing with clients etc.

Follow me on my journey to remain debt free, secure a better monthly income and provide for our expanding family.

Hope you’ll enjoy the articles. 😉


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