Why Hiring An Accountant Could Give Your Start-Up A Boost

17-02-2016 | Dojo |

Starting your own business can be an exciting time, but there’s a lot to consider and hard work to be put in. Do you need to hire a fleet of vans for deliveries, or employees for sales and communications?

Do you need to invest in a personal server and network for your staff to work more productively, or a state-of-the-art office to impress new clients coming to your building?

Whatever the costs, the one thing you can’t afford to lose is a professional accountant, whose service can be invaluable to a start-up. Why? Read on and find out…

Advice That’s Tailored to You

There are many different types of specialist accountants for certain fields or professions. They have a thorough knowledge of the law and current trends in the market, so their help and guidance can make all the difference to your start-up.

Due to their expertise, they can give you an industry-specific service, providing advice on everything from writing up contracts so that you can start earning money as soon as possible, to helping you register with bodies you need to join in order to trade. Accountants for new companies often give a free initial consultation too, so there really is no excuse not to get in touch.

Security and Credibility

Having your accounts handled by someone with years of experience and training, will give you the peace of mind as well as security. You can approach all clients with contracts that are tailored to your business, safe in the knowledge that your affairs are protected.

Plus, there are many companies these days who refuse to trade with sole traders who complete all of their own accounts. While starting out like this might seem like a good idea, in the long-run it’s better to start building your company credibility, giving you clout within the industry from day one.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Confusion

You’ve spent months, maybe years, planning your start-up, so the worst thing you can do now is get lumbered with a penalty due to inaccurate accounts. There’s a lot of paperwork, rules changes and trends to keep up with in your own profession, let alone the world of accounting and tax returns.

You can save yourself a lot of stress by giving this responsibility to a professional, who can make sure your start-up doesn’t start off on a bad footing. Plus, you’ll have more time to focus on building your client base, going to appointments and building your future.

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