Affordable Alternatives to Wood Flooring

When you consider what kind of flooring options to use for your home, sooner or later you will hear or read about the stupendous benefits of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring looks elegant, it offers a warm vibe, it’s easy to clean and maintain, and it can last for decades. But this wood flooring option can be rather pricey, and not everyone can afford it.

So what’s the alternative? Carpets are expensive too, and they’re not especially durable or easy to maintain. But then there are other worthy options too, and they look great without forcing you to empty your bank account.

Laminate Flooring

If you are willing to let go of your prejudice against synthetic flooring, it’s hard to argue against laminate. After all, it’s actually quite a durable and long-lasting material for flooring. It’s so tough that it’s often a great choice for high traffic areas like your hallways. It’s great for bathrooms because it’s resistant to moisture, and people also love it in kitchens because it’s resistant to stains.

What’s more, this can go in a very wide range of colors and styles. So you can have your laminate flooring resemble wood and stone along with other natural materials. Also, it’s very inexpensive.


An increasing number of people are opting for bamboo these days because it’s environmentally friendly. It’s a green option because it’s a resource that grows very quickly, unlike regular trees. After all, bamboo isn’t a tree as it’s actually a kind of grass.

Bamboo can also give you a similar look to hardwood flooring, without burdening you with hardwood prices. It offers an impressive streamlined styling that enhances the look of your home, and it’s also easy to clean.

Vinyl Planks

This is another low-cost synthetic alternative to hardwood, and it can also resemble the look of hardwood as well. It can last for a very long while, and it’s also easy to clean. Again, it’s an option that gives you an affordable way to get the hardwood look you want, and that can make your home feel and look beautiful.


In places in your house where people tend to stand (like your kitchen), cork offers a great flooring solution. It offers a unique texture and color that can immediately enhance the look of any room. It’s great for children’s bedrooms as well as the cushion-like surface can help kids avoid serious injuries when they fall down. Furthermore, it even reduces noises, so parents won’t have to deal with kids screaming and playing loud music in the bedrooms.

This natural material is also environmentally friendly, and it is naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and even insects.

Stenciled Plywood

Just about all houses these days have a plywood subfloor, and if you want to save money, you can just paint the subfloor and apply a waterproof sealer. Plywood can also be painted or stenciled so that it looks like it has wood grains or even marble textures. Again, you get the look without paying a premium for it.


Linoleum has long been a classic option for flooring, and nowadays it can be made to look like wood or stone flooring. It’s very comfy for your feet when you’re barefoot, and it’s also durable and easy to clean. Again, this offers a cushion-like surface that can help minimize injuries when you fall.


Porcelain has long been a favorite flooring material for bathrooms and kitchens, as it’s water-resistant, easy to clean, and quite durable. Today it’s becoming more popular for other rooms as well. Large tiles offer a dramatic look, and you can pick designs and colors that look like wood, marble, and different types of stone flooring.

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