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29-10-2012 | Dojo |

It is very important to always have a plan B online when you are completing jobs for money. Freelancing is a very hard job to do because it involves many hours been spent at the computer fighting for a bit of money. I used to be getting a fair amount of money from a website that I co owned. However in recent months that forum has gone down hill a fair amount. There has been a drastic increase in spammers joining and the owner and founder has been inactive in his job. I have sent him multiple private messages waiting for a reply for some installation of spam protection because we are seeing 10-50 spam posts per day. This is turning our members off and therefore is drastically decreasing revenue from our ads as a result.

This means I am without money and since been online is my job I have relied on that money to make up a large chunk of things I need to buy. It is also more important I have the money now because of Christmas approaching which is leaving me with a very small amount of money to develop my online jobs. This is why I would like to post this article about how important it is to have a plan B before reaching the stage that I have reached.

Because I have not got a plan B currently I am facing many issues in trying to get the money I need to cover the cost of things I need to pay such as food and also to continue my newly launched blog. The point is you can never have trust in something to work out and continuously cover your cost of living online because I have seen many freelancers in the past struggle and have to quit because of the lack of customers they are receiving. A small plan for if something goes wrong is important to make sure you are able to keep up with the work.

Due to my lack of money currently from the project I was focusing on (because it was paying me well) I have had to now look into doing a slight bit more online to cover the money I am losing out on. Some of the ideas to generate more money can include:

Promoting your freelancing more and offering discounts – If you are struggling to pick up some business then it could help if you were to join forums like DigitalPoint or use the TopAdmin Job Board in order to get your business services out there and get some clients to pay. Offers are also good, it is very hard to get clients because of the recession and the amount of people who you are competing against to sell services online. A small offer might get you some clients who may not of used you before hand.

Find another job – This is something that I might have to do with this forum. I may have to go out and find another forum or blog that is willing to pay me to manage it. At least this would earn some more money and could also get you a full time client.

Invest in something – Another thing that I have done and hope to do more of in the new year. Invest in a project that is either yours or someone elses. I have invested in my blog currently and within a couple of months and some more work on search engine optimization I hope to be earning some money back from ad sales. I will also be hoping to invest in projects with other people next year to build up my own portfolio as well to earn some potential money from their projects.

Affiliate marketing – A big thing at this current stage in time is affiliate marketing. Check out Amazon or another site that offers affiliate marketing and earn some money promoting a product for them.

I hope these tips could help you earn some money when times are hard for your jobs online. Keep on trying and do not give up.



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  • http://Lexi

    November 5, 2012 at 10:27 am

    I agree that affiliate marketing and freelancing make lucrative business. I know because I’ve been into it for the past three years! Quite a rewarding experience too 🙂 I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing!

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