Are there any good options for the GOP?

29-10-2011 | Jennifer |

Many people are commenting that there are not any good choices for Republicans to choose from for the nomination to run against President Obama in 2012 but I would have to disagree. There are options from across the political spectrum from the very moderate in Mitt Romney to the libertarian Ron Paul.

In between are people of varying degrees of conservatism so republicans of all political beliefs should be able to find someone who they can support. Many others have said that while there are many candidates, only a few would even have a chance at winning in a general election next November but again, this seems to be inaccurate based on recent polls.

When looking at who to vote for in the republican primary next year it’s important to first get a good idea of what you want in an ideal candidate. After that, finding which of the options most closely aligns with your belief system should be fairly easy with just a little bit of research.

In today’s high tech world it’s easy to find out what anyone running for public office believes on any number of hot topics so with a quick Google search you can narrow down your options very fast. For most people there are a few issues which they are most passionate about so using these specific topics as a litmus test you can most often eliminate at least half of the candidates. After that it’s just a matter of watching any of the debates and finding who you feel would make the best president out of the group.

Most of the candidates in the field of republicans right now will be able to compete with the president in a National election according to polls. Some, of course, are polling better than others but in many cases that’s simply because some of the potential nominees are not as well known yet. If they are able to get the nomination they will be thrust into the public eye and can quickly make up any ground if they are able to articulate their beliefs well.

Choosing who to vote for can be a challenging thing for many people because it is a very important choice. In many ways, choosing the candidate which will represent your part is more important than your vote in the national election because the vast majority of people know if they will be voting for a Democrat or a Republican even before the specific nominee is chosen.

Voting for the nominee in the primaries is where you are actually choosing one person out of a field of people who already have a lot in common with your ideals so it is much more thought provoking. Personally, I suggest that people never compromise and choose the person who best matches their ideas and then doing all you can to help them win in November.


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