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Hi, my name is Adriana and I've been writing for Dojoblog since 2011, when it was founded. I also have some projects of my own, an online "cookbook" and I also love writing about how to have a healthy lifestyle. See you around!

Don’t believe everything you read online

There was a time when people were careful when writing something to post online. With time, unfortunately  the tons of information […]

New Year’s – Italian style

Well, it’s new year’s eve again. One that almost half a planet didn’t expect, given last week’s expectations. Big fail. […]

Visits at the nursing home

Our senior relatives and friends are important and for them, we are the world. Living in a nursing home is […]

Winter jogging – safety tips

Jogging – that awesome activity backed up by advantages only. It’s the best outdoor exercise I can think of but […]

Some doctors…

I am one of those people who were raised to take care of themselves. Ever since I can remember, my […]

William Golding – The Lord of the Flies

“Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?” This is one of the quotes […]

Weight loss tips (2)

The last time I brought some weight loss tips to the table I tried to come up with the easy […]

NCIS (2003)

One of the ways to relax after a hard days work or when the weather outside turns against you is […]

Healthy replacements for coffee

When we wake up in the morning we all have our morning habits: toilet, shower, breakfast, coffee. At least these […]

What to expect from SMS Marketing

Studies show that SMS is the most common way of communication on the planet. It’s cheap, instantaneous and discrete when […]

Natural remedies for pain

All of us get all sorts of aches all the time: headaches, toothaches, backaches… you name it. They are never […]

Mountains or the seaside: where to go on vacation

Going on vacation is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You take a break from your work or simply change the […]

Lose weight by eating healthy

There are so many ways we can lose weight, I can’t even count them any more. Hundreds of diets, exercising, surgery […]

Presents for special occasions

Birthdays. Weddings. Anniversaries in general. These are all joyful occasions. They are special for someone and can be a drag […]

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