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Ramona is a freelance coach who helps people work from home and a personal finance author. When she's not working with her web design clients or her students, you'll find her playing with her 2 year old daughter.

Freelancing: top things I learned as a freelancer

I have been successfully freelancing since 2009 (July). This new lifestyle allows me to earn a pretty decent ‘wage’, to […]

Croatia: Trsteno Arboretum

It’s no secret we love Croatia and had a blast every time we spent our vacation there (3 times to […]

How to recover financially after the holidays

No matter how many articles we read about saving money and how much we hate it when we spend money […]

Let’s begin a productive week

Whether you are self-employed or working ‘for the man’, one thing is sure, you cannot let time pass and not […]

Paid Blog Reviews – the easy way

Monetizing your blog is both easy and hard. It’s easy, since there are a lot of ways one can earn […]

15 ideas for a sustainable weight loss

Leaving all the political correctness aside, we’re getting fatter each day. If you look back into your past you’ll recall […]

New York – American Museum of Natural History

We had the huge luck of being able to stay for 18 months (in 3 years) in one of the […]

Help your weight loss by drinking THE RIGHT THINGS

Stay hydrated! I’ve heard this many years now. I personally don’t drink as much as I should daily and it’s […]

Edwardian Farm

I am currently watching few TV series I either never watched or would just want to see again, so my […]


You don’t need a new diet, you need a new LIFESTYLE

Everyone I know who needs to shed some kilos is on a diet. Doesn’t matter what fancy name it has […]

New Year's Resolutions

The pros of setting New Year’s resolutions

I am a firm believer that, if we want something to happen, WE NEED TO WORK FOR IT. Just waiting […]

The true millionaires don’t live like true millionaires

I started working when I was almost 20, so it’s more than a decade since then (14 years exactly). I […]

How you can go the extra-mile for your client and not lose money

When trying to attract new clients, many freelancers try to offer discounts or cut their rates to accommodate the client. […]

The Settlers Online Game Review

The Settlers Online Game Review

Few weeks ago I was bored out of my minds and was trying to find something else to play than […]

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