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Ramona is a freelance coach who helps people work from home and a personal finance author. When she's not working with her web design clients or her students, you'll find her playing with her 2 year old daughter.

The 5 things you need for a successful forum

Creating a forum is no longer a ‘fun only’ activity. Right now, as millions of communities already exist, you need […]

Save money

4 Habits that will ALWAYS leave you broke

Money is hard to manage for many of us. This is why we still have people who are feeling the […]

Cloud Storage: ideal for people who travel a lot of just want peace of mind

I had my first PC 10 years ago. It was an old one, given to me as a ‘hand-me-down’. Back […]

Cash From Cars

Driving has nearly become a luxury due to the rising, sky high gas prices, but it has, and always will […]

How To Earn Spare Income Through Holiday Crafts

The winter holiday season is the most active spending season, due to the nature of it being festive. This makes […]

How being a freelancer changes the way I look at the products/services others provide

Being self-employed really changes the way you look at everything. You no longer have a ‘steady’ job, so each month’s […]

the biggest loser tv show

The Biggest Loser

I pride myself with quite some good taste when it comes to movies and shows and still, there’s one more […]

Earn Extra Income In Your Free Time with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

The average person has ample spare time in their daily lives, during which they normally spend it watching television or […]

How to best manage your emails

I HATE EMAILS! Now, I said it. Years ago I’d be thrilled to get ‘noticed’ and someone to send me […]

6 reasons why you should start losing weight NOW

A lot of people I know struggle with weight. Some are heavier each year, while others have stopped gaining weight. […]

2012 – New Year’s Eve – eating grapes and drinking champagne

Since my future sister in law had to work all day on the 30th and till noon in 31, we […]

new year resolutions

Not having new year’s resolutions is like soccer without the goals

We call them New Year’s Resolutions. These are our plans we make at the beginning of a new year, so […]

New York Manhattan Top of the Rock

My top 10 pics for 2011

This year we traveled a lot. Spent 6 months in the US (New York City), visited Georgia, Alabama and Florida, […]

Save Money Save Your Future

In today’s consumerist economy, most people come to spend more than their income. Savings are often an ignored concept. If […]

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