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10-11-2011 | Adry |

In our busy lives with hectic schedules or, let’s face it, some of us are just to lazy to cook sometimes, we all crave for a burger, pizza or some pie that is right in front of our noses. You may not be human if you never felt some desire to at least taste those yummy-looking-suculent-make-our-eyes-big burgers, for example.

I will not be a hipocrit and tell you fast food is bad, how it fattens, has only tons of calories and no vitamins or can even give you diabetes because i do eat it from time to time.

Our parents might have raised us the good way: breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe a healthy snack in between but times change and we have less and less time to cook something appetizing and fresh every day. Some people (sane people..) make time or find ways to avoid eating junk food EVERY DAY. Sure, it tastes great (i licked my fingers the last time i went to KFC with my sister) and it’s at hand (I pass McDonalds every single time I come home).

junk food

Even if fast food is so enjoyable, we can still find ways to say no. One would be closing our eyes while walking. I’m joking, of course, please don’t do that.

On a more serious matter, here’s what I do:

1. I carry sandwiches or “real food” to school.
yes, it’s childish, but I at least know what I eat. Some colleagues of mine have plastic bowls with salads or other types of food. They eat “normal food” for lunch, the only difference is there is no TV to watch during lunch hours.

2. I make my own burgers, pizza, pies or whatever you find in a fast food restaurant.
I actually buy bread rolls and burger meat or what else i find necessary to make a nice big burger (with homemade mayonaise, not the fat-fatty one).
Where I’m in the mood for pizza, i sometimes make it myself. Same goes for pies, cookies or cakes (fast food junk aside, where I live I never found a decent cake or pie, they taste awful).

3. I try not to think about it
Fast food is everywhere but I always think it’s more important to be healthy, fit and not be a total addict than wind up not being able to fit through the door.

These are my 3 methods to stay away from junk food.
I respect them even if I order the occasional pizza or have a burger when i go out (it would be absurd to go home and eat if I get hungry on a night out).
Noone said fast food will kill you if you have it from time to time, just don’t replace your daily meals with it and you’ll be ok.

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