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29-08-2011 | Ramona Iftode |

I’d say my visitors are gone, since I haven’t posted here in more than half an year. We’ll get them back, no worries about that 🙂

What happened all this time?

Well, we had another 6 months in NYC, so we spent 12 months in 2 years. That’s awesome, and I can’t find words to thank our wonderful friends for taking us into their home and taking care of us like they did. This wouldn’t be possible without such wonderful people around.

I’m working full time as a freelance web designer and can say it’s finally worth all the stress and pain. I make a decent living from it and hope from now on all I’ll see are good times 🙂

Have sold 3 sites from the network and also re-organized others. has a brand new design and a forum added to it, has be started all over again on a new platform (ditched IPB and installed MyBB), we also have a new ‘baby’,, which I hope will become a great place for people who are struggling with weight to find a solution to their problems and a great support system in their battle with the weight.

Have just received an email about this site and realized it’s been pretty long since I last posted here. Will surely be more active from now on. Thank you for still being around, whoever your are.

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