What is the Best Mobile Platform for Forex Trading?

01-02-2018 | Dojo |

For those of us that can’t watch the Forex market for hours on end behind a desk, mobile device platforms are the way forward. We are never far from our mobile phones, which makes mobile trading a great alternative to trading at a computer.

The plethora of apps offering freedom and flexibility are hard to distinguish between, if you are not considering MetaTrader 4. You have probably heard of MetaTrader 4, or MT4 as it is also known, because of its popularity as the market standard. The popularity of MT4 and the MT4 mobile app was far from a coincidence, but rather due to the features that it offers traders.

The platform is designed to benefit traders through its efficiency and user friendliness. Orders are executed instantly and accessible at all times, you can even place an order directly from a chart. Advantageous characteristics such as stop and start pending orders or trailing stops are also available and very useful for traders looking to exploit the market.

Traders and analysts are provided with all the necessary tools and resources needed keep up with the market. It provides it users with 50 built in indicators and the possibility to stay ahead by tracking prices in nine different timeframes. Traders who are preoccupied by another job and can’t dedicate as much time to trading, will find alerts helpful that notify favorable trade positions. Expert Advisors are often the choice for these traders who can customize and develop on the app.

MetaTrader4 carries the responsibility of being the market standard through its security and support. The system is impenetrable to hackers; all trade transactions are encoded and encrypted. Beginners who need assistance have an abundance of free educational articles and software at their disposal. Furthermore, users can post messages and communicate with brokers in real time at the drop of a hat.

When deciding on a broker, it is worth choosing a broker which offers its clients the possibility of trading on the MT4 platform. Vantage FX offers its clients the possibility to trade not only through MT4 but also through the MT4 mobile app. In addition to giving its clients the opportunity to trade through this world-renowned platform, Vantage FX also offer clients their own mobile trading app and online platform. With such a wide choice of superior platforms to chose from, there is no doubt that you will find the platform that best suits you.

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