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Find out how to run a successful home based business.

Freelancing: top things I learned as a freelancer

I have been successfully freelancing since 2009 (July). This new lifestyle allows me to earn a pretty decent ‘wage’, to […]

Let’s begin a productive week

Whether you are self-employed or working ‘for the man’, one thing is sure, you cannot let time pass and not […]

The importantance of market research

Market research is a very important thing to help you know what will and will not sell. Conducting the right […]

The business plan

A business plan is an important part of a business to help you and others to know where the business plans to […]

Finding a gap in the market

When creating a business it can be important to find a gap in the market to help your business succeed. As […]

How you can go the extra-mile for your client and not lose money

When trying to attract new clients, many freelancers try to offer discounts or cut their rates to accommodate the client. […]

Always Have a Plan B Online

It is very important to always have a plan B online when you are completing jobs for money. Freelancing is […]

Working from Home is Not Just for Married Moms

Working from home might seem like a pipe dream if you are currently raising your children alone.  Do not be […]

How To Earn Spare Income Through Holiday Crafts

The winter holiday season is the most active spending season, due to the nature of it being festive. This makes […]

How being a freelancer changes the way I look at the products/services others provide

Being self-employed really changes the way you look at everything. You no longer have a ‘steady’ job, so each month’s […]

Earn Extra Income In Your Free Time with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

The average person has ample spare time in their daily lives, during which they normally spend it watching television or […]

Not having new year’s resolutions is like soccer without the goals

We call them New Year’s Resolutions. These are our plans we make at the beginning of a new year, so […]

Earn Extra Income Using Fiverr

The internet has become an indispensable method of connecting people throughout the world. At the same time, it changed the […]

A diploma won’t make you a designer

First of all a small trip down memory lane for me: started web design in 2002. I was working as […]

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