How to choose the right printer for your freelance business

05-05-2016 | Dojo |

How to choose the right printer for your freelance business

Most people don’t think beyond the initial pieces of equipment for starting a freelance business: a great desktop, a tablet for mobile working, and the software you need for whatever field you’re in, be it design, photography or otherwise.

People always forget about the printer and subsequent cartridges for the printer. Why? Perhaps it’s because so many people complete all their deals online that the humble printer has become forgotten about, but it’s vital for several reasons.

First of all, your accountant will need print outs of your invoices, bank statements and receipts. Secondly, your clients will most definitely still prefer to receive hard copies of contracts for them to keep on file, as well as any designs you do for them to present at meetings. Finally, what if your computer crashes, wiping out all records of your work?

These are the main reasons why buying a printer for your freelance business is so important, but hopefully this guide to choosing the right one for you will uncover a few features that you didn’t know existed to make your life easier.

Start with reviews

You definitely need to start your search by looking at informative websites with reviews from people who have used them.

On the one hand, you can opt for the conventional method of going to the company website of your favourite brand and looking at what reviews are available, but for a more in-depth look at your favourite models, try typing it into YouTube to get an expert idea of what it’s really like to use.

I find this so important, because something might look top of the line, but it takes a customer to figure out a design flaw that has a big impact on usage.

Find a model that’s wireless

It’s vital for today’s freelancers that the printer they choose has wireless capability – better still, one that can be setup on multiple devices.

For one thing, it means that when you’re out and about visiting clients, you can check your phone or tablet on the go, pick up urgent emails and send them straight to your printer.

Aside from this, just having the peace of mind of being able to print something urgently rather than worrying that you will forget, will save you a lot of trouble and missed orders.

Have a go-to website for supplies

Once you’ve found the perfect addition to your home office, you should take a look around the internet and find the right kind of supplier for your needs.

Cartridge People is a website perfect for freelancers, because they have so many different offers, multi-packs and buying options.

Our top tip here is to save money by bulk-buying paper and printer ink, so that you rarely run out, and make the most of the discounted rates. They have a huge selection of ink to fit every variety of printer there is, and you can check them out right here.

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