Cloud Storage: ideal for people who travel a lot of just want peace of mind

26-01-2012 | Dojo |

I had my first PC 10 years ago. It was an old one, given to me as a ‘hand-me-down’. Back then we couldn’t afford a proper one, so I’d have to use the one at work to ‘play’ with my small sites. You can’t imagine how happy I was when that old ‘box’ came on my desk. It wasn’t a good configuration, it was nothing in the end, but pretty good for what I needed to do. And the small display it came with, while also an old ‘version’ did the trick.

After 2-3 years I got to buy my first laptop and never had to worry about a regular desktop computer anymore. Now I have a new one.

What I remember the most all these years is the same backup issue I had. Fortunately NONE of my HDD-s crashed on me, but backups were always a pain. I’d either have to spend a fortune on CDs and then DVDs or on an external drive.

The external HDD is a new addition to the ‘family’. A 2 TB one that I bought when we stayed in NYC last year. It’s pretty heavy and my hand luggage was limited by this. Have a huge external drive, have a huge laptop and a DSLR camera. You can feel my pain. 10 Kilos were nothing and paying extra wasn’t an option I’d accept.

Not to mention that, anytime I had to travel, the same problem came: I have to get even more limited when it comes to the weight I can carry and the HDD, however big and ‘spacy’ would be a ‘dead-weight’. I cannot get rid of my huge laptop, since it’s the tool that earns me money, I can’t put everything on it, since it would ‘kill’ my operating system and honestly I’m sick and tired of carrying that huge HDD with me. Don’t get me started on CDs/DVDs, I have an ‘army’ back home.

This is why I’m more open to any ideas that would mean I can put my files ‘somewhere’ and never care about carrying all those heavy items with me. I don’t have to worry about my HDDs crashing, I don’t have to move files from a computer to another, when I get a new laptop. I can upload all the ‘junk’ and have someone else care about it.

Cloud storage is something new for me too. I’m not always ‘fast’ when it comes to technology, so it took me a while to see how it works and if it’s a good solution for me. I stumbled across a cloud storage reviews page that really details it well and also provides real reviews for various cloud storage providers. It makes my life easier, since I can see what other customers think about it and then make a decision about this.

There’s a top 10 for the cloud storage providers and a lot of useful information for someone like me who’s trying to do things better and take advantage of anything that would make life as a ‘PC addict’ easier.

Have you used cloud storage services? Are you open to this technology? How much do you think this would make your life easier?

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