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05-08-2012 | Dojo |

School is the most important moment of your life and no matter what job you want to do in the future you will need some form of education to do well in life. When you are at school as a growing teenager you will not always think of this and you might get caught up with things and friends and end up going down the road of failure and end up in trouble and not doing well. What also does not help is when you get comments like ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’ from people at school if you try and do well so that you are put off wanting to try hard because of what friends and school mates might say and think. However you should knock this off and not listen because people need to do well in school to have a good future.

Head down and LEARN.

Where some people might spend the whole of a school lesson talking and laughing and not at all listening to the teacher you should try to listen and complete the work set. This is and will be the main way of you learning and the only way you will get a good education. As a person who does not listen you might be able to breeze through a test after having it all explained to you but in the real life it does not work like that because life will not be so easy and there will not be someone there to ‘hold your hand’ and guide you through life.

Education out of school.

This is another important thing. Instead of going out with your mates and getting overweight from eating all the time. Pull up a computer or a book and study. Your family will also play a big role in your education and should help you with homework if you ever need it. Just going out to a shop can teach you a lot of things too but you have to pay attention to what is going on.

For those who don’t learn.

People like Richard Brandson (the owner of Virgin Media) pulled out of school. This is not a good role model and he took a huge risk with his life in doing this. Even little jobs like working a cash register at Wal Mart is getting more important with the lack of jobs in todays society you need a decent level of education just to be given small jobs like this.

Yes sometimes you can get jobs with little education and that is good that those people are giving changes to people like that but I am sure that all of you have had dreams about making the next Facebook or been the next manager of a international business. Well chances are you will not get to that place without education. Go to school, collage, university and get the best grades you can because they will help you a lot to get better jobs that are better paid so you can do a decent job and support yourself and your family.

To all the readers that are interested in commenting, what were your grades like at school?

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