Do we still go to the cinema?

05-12-2011 | Adry |

We live in a fast age where technology evolves so quickly we sometimes can’t even keep up. Well, we could but there’s always something new, coming from… behind, some product that is better than the one we already have.

Until not so long ago we still had the time to use what we had until it broke or got too old and needed to be replaced. Let’s say we are talking about TV sets.

There were the black and white ones with lamps, that our grandparents were so proud to have in their homes. They had plenty of time to use them as the colored ones came up much later. Those had plenty of time to “live” as well until the new technologies were invented. Plasma, LCDs or whatever we nowadays find trivial.

But these are still new to us. Or at least to a person who likes to take a breath between making radical changes from one week to another regarding the electronic products one uses. Okay, changes may not occur that fast but still, close.

I remember when I was a kid we had a huge TV set. My parents made quite some efforts to have a TV with a big screen (a 19″ TV screen was considered big, remember?). Back then the image quality wasn’t even supposed to be called “quality”. That’s why going to see a movie at the local cinemas was a real treat. Huge screen, better sound quality, better image, better everything.

Those are memories though. As time passed I noticed more and more people prefer renting a movie or watching in on their computer or TV at home. The electronics we have at home right now are better than ever so why not see a movie in the comfort of your own home with your friends gathered around the sofa?

cinema at home

Well, there was the pleasure of seing a movie in 3D, which is great by the way, but even that we can already do at home. Not so long ago I saw a very affordable TV with 3D facilities. Big screen. Surround sound . Low price. What more can you ask for?

I keep thinking if this is or isn’t a shame. The cinema industry won’t die that fast but in my opinion it’s slowly losing it’s popularity. Where I live there are always promotions, cheap subscriptions, a free drink and a whole lot of other things to attract people to the local cinemas. Even so, I personally prefer the comfort of my own home. I can laugh without bothering anyone, ask questions, pause the movie, go to the toilet without bothering the whole row and cry without anyone seeing me (don’t tell anyone  😀 that!)

The last time I went to a movie theater was to see some movie with the 3D effect but it won’t be long before we will all have that in our homes so what reason will we have to to the cinema every so often?

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