Due Date (2010)

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The unexpected happens to Peter Highman before the flight that should have taken him off to Los Angeles from Atlanta to be at the bedside of his wife who would deliver their first child in a few days from the date of his intended flying on account of his having a chance meet with the aspiring actor and disaster-magnet Ethan Tremblay at the Airport.

They are tossed off the plane by being placed on a no-fly-list for the generous use of such dreaded terms as terrorists and bombs but not before Peter lose his luggage and other belongings as wallet and ID. Left with no other alternative, he hitches a ride with Ethan along with his canine and rest of the movies is woven around their cross-country road trip that destroys several cars, countless friendships.

Due Date Movie

Peter Higman by profession is a successful architect and a committed family man. He takes off home to give company to his wife and also see his attaining fatherhood. However, hold on, he is in for the most unexpected nightmare at the Atlanta Airport where he crosses a path with Ethan Tremblay, a train wreck to say the least, who besides is deluded with the ambition of making it big in Hollywood.

With the sharp tongued Peter and delusion filled Ethan, the rest part of the movie is only filled with fire cracking action. He is forced to travel by road, but having lost his ID and baggage, has no other alternative except to hitch it with Ethan. While traveling the arguments thickens. Peter belittles Ethan for his unrealistic goals of becoming an actor. The entire journey in the meanwhile is witnessed with lots of wreckages and all along the viewers get treated with little roles played by Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx and Danny McBride.

If one were to go by the interview given by director Todd Phillips on the promotion event of Due Date that the film had a limited purpose of working as a battery-recharging quickie that would go in between the phenomenal success of The Hangover and the proposed making of Hangover 2, he has succeeded in making a fast-pitched 95-minute thriller. The time flies by in a backbreaking speed which goes out of control most of the time and yet that being the objective of the film it makes the grade.

It is not as if Phillips is obsessed only with car races and crashes, for he brings about emotions as naturally as the destruction by incorporating crane shots and source cues. This is amply demonstrated in its best running gag, which centers around Ethan’s acting ambitions.

Downey is committed to his marriage and expectant fatherhood but would have to undergo a lot of disasters but remember they mesh well with the movie for each one is meant for the sake of slaps may be to bring out the comedy sense in the movie.

Being an action and comedy themed movie, there is no place for rational questions as that why not Peter called the Airport to find about his belongings. The movie lovers would only lose the long road trip comedies if such questions were asked. Well, Todd Philips cannot be faltered for trying to ape Planes, Trains and Automobiles, for his intention is to cater to those who love to combine crashes with comedies.

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