Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love

21-10-2011 | Michelle |

After reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, it seems that Elizbeth Gilbert is soul sent to find spiritual contentment in the world. This book is a travelogue in which she tried to expose three basic elements of life in physical, spiritual and social veils. Anyone can find with little efforts that entire human life is revolving round three elements of life that are Eat, pray and love. All these three elements are a form of hunger – physical hunger for food, spiritual hunger in form of religious beliefs and social hunger in form of love.

Every human being tries to find out theses three things throughout life but basic thing that differentiate human beings for the need of these three elements is the level of satisfaction. There is no logic for this division among human beings, no rules and regulations and no specification for the requirement and execution of the level of contentment among human beings. Therefore, this distinction for getting a desired level of satisfaction of one’s inner self is the logic for the inauguration of writers, authors, painters, actors, singers and other artists.

This is quite tough to adjust in this materialistic world for those who are created with a higher level of spiritual satisfaction and consequently they tried to create their own world for their gratification in this world. Elizabeth Gilbert was surely among those and at the age of thirty, after getting everything one can suppose to get, she was still feeling as an empty soul. She found herself in deep panic and confused condition while having a qualified institutional career, husband, a home, everything she had but she felt deprived. This deprivation of physical, spiritual and social hunger forced her to take a drastic step to move from her place and to find the right and desired space for her.

This book is about the story of her yearlong journey around the world. She was alone on this journey. She got rid of all her possessions, left her job and decided to visit three places Rome, India and Indonesia. The reason for choosing these three places in the world was that she had already read about all these three places and wants to get that cultural and traditional treasure inspired her most. She was actually trying to find out her place in the world. She wanted to know about her limitations for life and this journey was her first step towards her detection.

Her choice to visit the Rome was to get utmost pleasure, here in Rome; she studied the art of contentment and gratification and gained the twenty-three most felicitous pounds of her life. Then she visited India to learn the art of affection. Here in India, with the help of spiritual gurus, she spent four months in spiritual exploration. Her most pleasurable tour was to Indonesia where in the Indonesian Island Bali, she studied the best lesson of life, a balance between worldly & materialistic pleasure and divine transcendence. She fell in love again, unexpectedly and these all were the moments of self-discovery, she was trying to capture by travelling around.

This book is an exclusive and superb paradigm of her writing abilities. How beautifully she expressed her feelings and sensation during her experiments around the world is enough to spellbound readers throughout all 108 chapters of this travelogue.

Eat, Pray, Love is the best analysis of life and its beauties and a deeply expressive and touching memoir of self-discovery. This is best book for those who are totally fed up of social imitations and materialism and trying to find out true and genuine happiness.

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