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I know the internet is full of christmasy messages and wishes and all that stuff so this will not be one of them. I enjoy Christmas a lot and every year I am as anxious about it as I was 20 years ago. What I’m not a fan of are the same wishes, same christmas-cards, same lovey-dovey messages I already know by heart so, tough noogies, I will only wish everyone a classic Merry Christmas.

Before that, let me tell you why I love Christmas.
First of all, it’s always during the holidays, thus a day off. Not only that, but it’s the perfect excuse not to do anything and just take a break and relax. I think all of us are in need of some “me time” every once in a while and forget about school books, dishes, planting the garden or whatever is it that we do.

The main reason though is more complex. Ever since I can remember I always felt full of hope and joy because I always believed that Santa will sniff our tree and come running. I was never more excited than on Christmas morning. That feeling stayed with me till this day. I wasn’t sad to find out the truth, I eventually figured it out (that Santa is real, but time is short so he can only visit smaller children 😀 ) but I got used to the feeling that there IS something special at the end of each year.

And there is. I never get tired of remembering how Christmas was like at home.
My mom took care of the cooking and my dad and his 2 girls decorated the tree and the house. Everything smelled like chocolate and fir and we were all without a care in the world. Christmas always felt safe and that is what I find special about it.

I know life’s tough, I’m still working on that but Christmas has always been that special time when I get to be safe from everything. The one day when I think about nothing else but my family and loved ones and how to be more comfy and warm.

Christmas doesn’t have to be special because of what gifts we put our hands on or because it’s a general rule, we can all make Christmas special our own way.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a good one tomorow!

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  • http://dojo

    December 25, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Well, I stil remember the christmas at your family. You had such a lovely tree every time and your mom would cook such nice things. It’s been a good time for us all and I miss having you 2 ‘levels’ above my apartment.

    I wish you a great Christmas. Hope we’ll chat soon 🙂

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