Freelance Jobs for Mobile Bingo Fans

24-11-2016 | Dojo |

freelance-jobs-for-mobile-bingo-fansDo you enjoy playing mobile bingo?

Do you find yourself wishing you can take your love of bingo to the next level?

Well, you can!

Fans of mobile bingo can actually bank in on their joy for the game with some great freelance opportunities.

We’ve compiled these below so that you can have fun and make some extra cash on the side.

You’ll be surprised to see that it pays to be a fan of mobile bingo.

SEO Expert

Did you know that through your love of bingo you’ve actually made yourself an online marketing expert?

SEO has quickly become a lucrative support channel for sites, helping them build traffic and conversions. Using key terms and niche terminology, SEO can help a website’s ranking when people make specific searches online.

When you have a clear understanding of what an avid bingo player, like yourself, might be looking for, you are the perfect candidate for SEO-related activities for any online casino or bingo site.

Fundamentally, you can help these sites draw in similar fans which helps increase their online visibility.


Freelance writing has become a well-known occupation for many self-employed people.

Sites and online publications are often seeking the help of talented writers to provide them with valuable content that keeps their audiences engaged and informed. Popular bingo sites, like, keep their players aware of current bingo news and offerings with fun and easy-to-read content.

In order to draw people in, it is essential that the writer understands the subject at hand and is able to speak to like-minded individuals. Who better to write content for mobile bingo companies than fans of mobile bingo?

If you love bingo and enjoy writing about it, you can be a regular contributor to these sites, and get paid!


Mobile bingo is quickly growing to be one the most popular forms of entertainment for people all over the world.

As a result, mobile bingo sites must be translated into multiple languages to cater to different countries and their bingo fans. If you happen to be skilled in many languages, you can easily find yourself a job as a freelance translator for any budding bingo site out there.

The opportunities are many for those who love a good game of mobile bingo. Freelance work is a great way to make some extra cash, so why not leverage one your own personal passions in the process? Get out there and start freelancing, bingo fans!

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