How being a freelancer changes the way I look at the products/services others provide

14-01-2012 | Dojo |

Being self-employed really changes the way you look at everything. You no longer have a ‘steady’ job, so each month’s wage depends on how well YOU can perform. You have clients who demand great service, clients who respect you and pay for your work. You also have people who try treat you like junk or scam you.

This is why, from the moment you realize how important each business aspect is, you’ll change the way you look at services/products.

1. I don’t accept half assed jobs or sub-par products

When money used to come every month, I was pretty lenient. When money became scarce (or, in my case, more but harder to earn), I started demanding more.

Working as a freelance web designer means I have to service my clients the best I can. And this means efforts, work and understanding. To have my clients pleased with my performance, I have to work hard and make sure their demands are met.

If I put so much effort for my clients, when another provider is trying to offer me a sub-par job is really drives me nuts. MY MONEY is earn through hard work and, if I can provide a decent service, I demand it too.

So I’m doing what I never used to do: getting products back, complaining about bad service, reporting service providers etc.

2. I start having respect and understanding for others too

It might come as a shock, after reading my initial ‘point’. How can I turn into a little ‘hitler’ and still have respect and understanding?

Problems can arise. I had a professional who works with me on a project ‘break’ the initial deadline due to hardware problems. He let me know the moment his computer crashed (was able to log into another one to let me know) and it was fine by me. I had computers crash too, I had my ISP give me a ‘juicy’ downtime. It happens. You get sick, your computer needs re-installing, you have to travel on a short notice.

As long as people do have the decency to let me know about this, it’s fine by me. If you’re too lazy or careless, I get mad. If life ‘happens’ you have my support.

Since being on my own with my business I had to change the way I see my money and my business relations. In some cases I’m more demanding, in others I understand people’s needs better.

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