How to Build your Online Presence with SEO [The Quick Guide]

21-11-2019 | Dojo |

More than 90% of the people who buy ‘something’ online use the search engines, mainly Google. The websites that appear on the first page get THE MOST of this traffic, the higher in the SERPs the better.

Years ago you’d only have to create a website, but now you need to optimize it for the search engines as well.

Whilst social media can help put your business in a new light, having an SEO strategy can help to boost your websites position in the SERPs. There are many web design services that can help you to achieve exactly that, with many offering exclusive insights from tools and other technology. Find out some of our top tips and tricks to help get you started, below. 

Use SEO to Improve User Experience

What do people search for to get to your website? Design your offering based on their needs and how they interact with your site, to turn more into customers.

You want users to have the best experience on your website, right?

Well, SEO can help to ensure that you can deliver exactly that. By doing so, you can be sure that you are providing your audience with relevant information and appropriate support text. As such, you’ll be building your online presence without having to think twice about it. Result!

Try to Achieve A High Conversion Rate

If visitors don’t find what they searched for, they’ll leave your website. This translates into a big bounce rate, which, in the past months, gets you slowly de-ranked from the top places.

The search engines care about how users interact on your website, so, small conversion rates will not only cost you potential business, but a top place in the SERPs.

A higher conversion rate will help you to achieve a better ranking, helping you to capture larger market share and maintain your position on Google – which is exactly what you want! As users become more and more familiar with your brand, they’ll get to know about your products or services, which provides the perfect opportunity to capture this intent. 

Boost Your Brand Credibility

Along the same lines, SEO can help to build brand credibility and ranking first, second or even third in the SERPs can help to portray your business as a top player within the industry.

It helps to show that you are popular and that your specific brand, product or service has been viewed multiple times – which is also great when it comes to wanting to achieve a high conversion rate! 

If you consistently rank on top, people will become familiar with your brand and respect it, as it seems to be everywhere. By getting to use featured snippets and dominate the map searches, you’ll drive more potential business to your website and increase revenue.

The more people know you, the more they are willing to pay for your products and services.

Think of SEO as a Long-Term Endeavor

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, meaning that you aren’t going to get the said results overnight.

You’ll need to be patient and, in some cases, adapt your strategy depending on the latest trends, Google Algorithm Updates and even time of year to help ensure that you reach all your objectives.

6 months is expected to be the minimum duration for a website to achieve and start to maintain its optimal ranking in the SERPs, so don’t get disheartened if your website doesn’t skyrocket to Page 1, Position 1 straightaway! 

I usually give my clients at least 3-4 months ‘notice’ to start seeing results and these will vary dramatically from day to day. Before I get my morning coffee, I head to my SEMrush account and look there for changes in positions, new keywords to try rank for and what backlinks my competitors are getting.

Increase Your Following

Being at the top of Google can help to drive even more traffic to your site, but how can this tie in with social media?

Well, with more and more people getting to know your brand, users are likely to click through to your social media channels to see what you’re up to on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram.

Eventually, they’ll hit the “follow” button and you’ll have another follower for life! 

SEO is constantly changing, but by keeping up with the latest Google algorithm changes and trends, you’ll be able to boost your online presence and build your way to the top of the SERPs.

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