How To Earn Spare Income Through Holiday Crafts

19-01-2012 | Dojo |

The winter holiday season is the most active spending season, due to the nature of it being festive. This makes it ideal for earning spare income through utilizing your own artistic talents in craftsmanship. The market for handmade crafts is especially vibrant since the aspect of having something custom made, at a reasonable price, is in high demand.

The first step you can take is to make unique crafts that are easy to produce, at a low cost to you. There’s no point in making an expensive masterpiece that will only be appealing for an individual few, especially at a higher price than reasonable. The most commonly sold crafts tend to be jewelry, which also requires the least amount of specialized equipment.

One of the simplest pieces of jewelry to make is a bracelet. A bracelet can be crafted out of cheap materials that can be bought at any craft store or warehouse store, or things you find lying around the house, such as buttons. There are also specialized jewelry kits that can be purchased. Making the bracelet can be as simple as running some kind of stringing material through with beads or buttons and tying the ends together, or a complex weaving pattern. These are perfect for beginners, and you can change which colors and charms you want to use.

If jewelry doesn’t catch your eye, or you don’t have a particular interest in that type of thing, you can try to make candles instead. Green and red candles are wonderful representations of Christmas colors, and they are simple enough to make. You can make them out of old candles that have been used, or even crayons, by melting them down in a tin can, pouring them inside a container to hold them, and then placing a wick for a fuse. The container can be virtually anything that can hold the wax in place long enough for it to harden, including bottle caps that you can easily get your hands on.

Regardless of what you make, you still need someplace to sell it after it is ready to be sold. If there’s a crafts stand set up for the holiday, then you can sell them there. Conventions or Flea markets are also great places, providing you can rent a table to sell them at. The last and best way to sell them would be through the Internet, where you can reach out to millions of people with the click of a mouse.

When selling online, it’s best to avoid eBay, since it appeals to too wide of a target audience, instead of a niche of interested people. The most renowned site for selling handmade crafts is Etsy, where you set up your own shop to sell or buy from others. The website only connects buyers and sellers, allowing purchases to be done by using Paypal, and then having the sellers ship the item through some sort of delivery system of their choice, depending on the shipping and handling fee.

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