How to win the lottery

16-11-2011 | Adry |

Gotcha! I bet you thought this was one of those magic formulas that make you rich overnight. It’s not, it’s just my point of view on how to feel fulfilled, in general. Those magic formulas don’t exist, by the way (the chances of winning the lottery are much lower than the chance to win the Nobel prize. Trust me, our college teachers actually demonstrated it).

Why the heck did I use the word lottery, you ask? Because lately i feel that in life you can either be a winner or not. The only difference between life and the lottery game is that living life is mandatory, playing a game is not. The main similarity is that in life you have to make choices just like you choose those numbers on a picece of paper. In both cases you wait and see whether you made the right choice.

I remember the time i was so young and my parents made all of my choices for me. It was so easy back then I can’t shake the feeling of wishing to be a kid again.
As I grew older, I had to start making choices of my own. Some good, some bad, the important thing is they were my own and i’m not talking about choosing what to eat for lunch (although sometimes it’s be nice not having to spend the afternoon on the toilet).

My first important choice was choosing my highschool. Of course, having both parents in the exact science domain it was a pretty obvious choice: an exact science high school.
During high school, a teenager’s preocupations should be learning, making friends and, obviously, dealing with the girlfriend/boyfriend situation.

It was fun, but it was just an example of a choice very few can go wrong with.
Then comes the hard ones: what college to go to, what job to search for, having you own family, retirement plans and other lifechanging choices that you have to think twice about before making a decision.

Not everyone can make a good decision. Some win in life, some don’t. The point is you can’t always win but you can damn sure try again. I know I made a lot of bad decisions over the years but I really hate feeling sorry for myself. I see people complaining about everything everyday but that’s all they do. Those are the one who lost the “lottery”.

You have to find the strenght to try again, choose a different road, ask for advice and start making those decicions again and again until you nail it. Complaining every day won’t solve anything and it also gets boring.

Every journey begins with the first step and we all know the journey lasts until our time is up. Just like when you don’t win those millions at the lottery you go and buy another ticket, in life you also have to try again and that, of course, is a good choice.

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