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24-10-2011 | Michelle |

When I started reading this book by John Grisham, in the very beginning, it appeared as an ordinary legal thriller and a crime story but reaching the end of the story, there was an entirely different view in my mind, this time Grisham appears more like a psychiatrist.

No doubt, he always brings a new story line with his prevailing machinations for every new story for his readers but this time he highlighted the most spreading sin of any social circle, corruption. The second interesting aspect was the open, bare faces of two most sensitive human consciousness, helplessness and confession.

In this novel “The Confession”, a decade long story was the chain of an intrigue and conspiracy against innocence. There were only few characters to be focused by the writer; two main characters were, Drumm, a black football player and an innocent and helpless person and Boyette, an ex-con and a bona fide criminal. Third person who was representing righteousness and morality was Keith Richards, an honest town minister.

Under unbearable physical torture, Donte Drumm was forced to confess the crime he never commit. This is the merciless part of a crime story. Physical torture can force a person to confess the sin and to accept the execution and his ill fortune goes on dancing around him for almost a decade. After complete destruction of his physical and mental approach to life, Boyette’s consciousness appears to make fun of Drumm’s assassinated life span of previous ten years.

Corruption was again there to take its own decision for it’s prevailed world, execution was just days away and his last appeal for life have been abnegated. Robbie Flak, Drumm’s igneous defense attorney was totally despair and tired after making ten years long efforts to save his life. Boyette’s confession and ministers effort was his last hope for life, there was one more clear but hidden force working behind the story, and that was fate. For the last ten years, his fate was working to ruin his life and to throw him to death and now it was working to save the same life. This shows prejudice of human life.

Other characters, working as Grisham’s podium were the corrupt racist lawyers, police characters, the ferocious and cruel governor of Texas who was keen to kill someone to upgrade himself and the mother of the cheerleader who tried to grab the media attention.

Grisham tried to depict a comprehensible picture for the goodness of world and readers remains quite busy during all 400 pages to find out that bad people, finally pay for their wickedness and world is a methodical place to live.

The book has a firm story and is easily adaptable for big screen. Therefore, a general perception for this book to be far-reaching isn’t too tough to be true. Skillful writing power of Grisham keeps the reader unpredictable and much conscious from start to finish. Even the writer has full grip on the slightly stretchy ending of this beautifully knitted crime story “The Confession”.

The book will surely provide a yummy taste for those readers who are very keen to know what happened to each and every character in the story.

In short “The Confession” brings an inventive and unique storyline for the readers. However, the book has a well-built plot and is enjoyable. Grisham incredibly succeeded to shed a light on the legal scheming and intrigues behind the notorious deadly consequence. He tried to keep the reader busy in battling to save the life of an innocent person with the characters of the story.

Here is what others had to say about it:

  • The secrets of Grisham’s success are no secret at all. There are two of them: his pacing, which ranges from fast to breakneck, and his Theme—little guy takes on big conspiracy with the little guy getting the win in the end.” — Time magazine
  • The law, by its nature, creates drama, and a new Grisham promises us an inside look at the dirty machineries of process and power, with plenty of entertainment” — Los Angeles Times
  • With every new book I appreciate John Grisham a little more, for his feisty critiques of the legal system, his compassion for the underdog, and his willingness to strike out in new directions.” — Entertainment Weekly
  • John Grisham is about as good a storyteller as we’ve got in the United States these days.” — The New York Times Book Review
  • Grisham is a marvelous storyteller who works readers the way a good trial lawyer works a jury.” — Philadelphia Inquirer
  • A mighty narrative talent and an unerring eye for hot-button issues.” — Chicago Sun-Times
  • A legal literary legend.” — USA Today

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