Johnny’s first kiss – Part II

07-11-2011 | AndR3i |

In case you’ve missed part I, you can read it here.

Awkward moment of silence, nobody said anything, but the facial expressions of the girls were pretty clear. Ever been in front of 20 daggers coming at you with great speed? That’s how Johnny felt.

Despite Tom’s very obvious insult the tension in the room cleared up pretty soon, and now the boys were also dancing, separately of course. Tom and Martin called dibs on the girls they were talking before because … well because they were better looking. Johnny and Doyle were ok with that. After a while Johnny needed to go to the bathroom, but out of nowhere a girl jumped in his face and started dancing with him. Her name was Jessica. She wasn’t ugly, or pretty. Mundane was the word that crossed Johnny’s mind in regards to her. Her nose was a little big for her face, and her chin was a little too straight for a girl but hey, nobody’s perfect.

The bathroom brake was delayed and Johnny started to make small talk while dancing with Jessica. At some point an idea came to him. It sounded like the perfect thing to say to convert interest, and look cool. So he went for it. “So, Jessica, doesn’t your boyfriend mind that you are at this party without him?” I don’t have a boyfriend” said Jessica with a smile on her not quite ugly, definitely not pretty face. Bingo, Johnny was in.

Meanwhile, Johnny saw Martin wasn’t wasting any time and he was already kissing with his girl. Jessica noticed too and had a smile on her face. Out of the sudden, she kissed him. French style. This took him by surprise a little, but he just went with it, because even though his experience with girls was close to zero, he knew this was one of the best things he experienced in his life until that point. The lights were dim; the music was a slow blues, perfect timing and environment.

The boys regrouped and started high-fiving each other and feeling like they’ve just won the lotto. Doyle had a girl following him as well and showing interest, but he considered himself a man with higher standards than that. After they were done patting each other on their backs each of them returned to his girl. More kissing, a little chit-chat, but something was off. Johnny didn’t mind the fact that Jessica wasn’t very good looking, but he found some things she said to be quite disturbing, like this one story about how her brother killed some cats. She had a look in her eyes while she told that story that raised some flags in Johnny’s mind.

He decided he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jessica after the night ended but he was a gentleman, he couldn’t just tell her “I think you’re ugly and weird and there’s not going to be anything between us” So he took her to a more private area of the restaurant and told her he’s not ready to be in a relationship, he just got out of one and is still pretty hurt, basically a bunch of lies. The next day when they talked on the internet, when she asked him if she even liked her he was brutally honest though and answered no.  Turns out karma exists because Tom’s new girlfriend was seeing a couple of other guys too in the short time they’ve been dating. Even though Jessica wasn’t really hot, or bright Johnny will still have a nice memory of her over time, you know what they say; you never forget your first.

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